Release: OB 0.9.2a Release: OB 0.9.2a
Release: OB 0.9.2a

This hotfix patch resolves a small number of issues found in the OB 0.9.2 release.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug where Lantern Skins were incorrectly requiring a Transmog Stone to transmog.

  • Fixed a bug where cells were incorrectly duplicating themselves under certain use cases.

  • Fixed a bug that caused weapons to periodically float above Slayers in Ramsgate.


  • Repeaters won’t update to show active parts in screens that preview the weapons. They will only show their default parts.

  • Slayers are unable to reach Behemoth Mastery Rank 50.

  • Critical hit FX indicators can become orphaned and not clean themselves up properly. This appears as a number of glowing orange ‘^’ shapes on the screen.

  • The Discipline cell shows a Technique icon, even though it’s actually a Power cell.

  • Furious Axecore (axe mod) and Turbine Trigger (hammer mod) display the wrong icons.

  • Players may see the friend/party invite alert (“!”) even if they don’t have a pending invite.

  • Some players may experience higher-than-usual GPU or CPU usage in certain situations.

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