Release: 1.0.3 Release: 1.0.3
Release: 1.0.3

1.0.3 is a quality of life improvement patch. We’ve made some balance adjustments to counter the recent attack speed changes and continued to tune the strikers. This patch also brings some tweaks to values and objectives of some of the bounty cards alongside our usual assortment of UI updates, bug removals, and crash fixes.


Attack Speed

  • The recent changes to bonus attack speed left some of the slower weapons feeling a little unwieldy. While the intention of the axe and the hammer is to hit hard, they needed a little jostle to get back to a state where they feel rewarding, so we’re raising the base attack speed for both. Secondarily, the repeaters have been hit hard by the weakening of multiple sources of attack speed they used to keep their DPS up, so they’re also getting some love.

    • Axe base attack speed increased by 10%

    • Hammer base attack speed increased by 5%

    • Repeaters base attack speed increased by 10%


  • We’ve been continuing to monitor Strikers since their introduction and they have been consistently outperforming other weapons. These changes in conjunction with the attack speed changes are a step towards us bringing all the weapons in line with one another.

    • Striker’s total combo (all combos combined) damage reduced by approximately 7.5%

    • Karma Breaker upfront damage reduced to 450, down from 500

    • Focused Assault:

      • First attack: 90 -> 80 damage

      • Second attack: 110 -> 100 damage

      • Third attack: 130 -> 120 damage

    • Spirit Barrage:

      • First Attack: 90 -> 80 damage

      • Second attack 55 -> 50 (4x) damage

      • Third attack: 190 -> 180 damage

    • Mighty Squall:

      • First Attack: 220 -> 205 damage

      • Second attack: 280 -> 260 damage

      • Third attack: 360 -> 340 damage

Bounty Cards

  • Perfect Tense - silver reduced from 75 perfect dodges to 60

  • Perfect Tense - bronze reduced from 60 perfect dodges to 45

  • Bullet Timing - silver reduced from 40 projectile perfect dodges to 20

  • Bullet Timing - bronze reduced from 20 projectile perfect dodges to 15

  • Hands Off! - silver reduced from 60 physical dodges to 45

  • Hands Off! - bronze reduced from 40 physical dodges to 30

  • Repeated Interruptions - silver reduced from 15 repeater interrupts to 8

  • Repeated Interruptions - bronze reduced from 10 repeater interrupts to 5

  • Total Break Down - gold reduced from 6 behemoths to 5

  • Total Break Down - silver reduced from 4 behemoths to 3

  • Total Break Down - bronze reduced from 3 behemoths to 2

  • What We Do to the Shadows - gold reduced from 8 behemoths to 7

  • What We Do to the Shadows - silver reduced from 5 behemoths to 4

  • What We Do to the Shadows - bronze reduced from 4 behemoths to 3

  • Dying of the Light - gold reduced from 8 behemoths to 7

  • Dying of the Light - silver reduced from 5 behemoths to 4

  • Dying of the Light - bronze reduced from 4 behemoths to 3

  • Mortal Wounds - gold increased from 20000 wound damage to 25000

  • Mortal Wounds - silver increased from 14000 wound damage to 15000

  • Mortal Wounds - bronze increased from 10000 wound damage to 12500

  • Explosive Disturbance - gold reduced from 18 grenade interrupts to 10

  • Explosive Disturbance - silver reduced from 12 grenade interrupts to 7

  • Explosive Disturbance - bronze reduced from 9 grenade interrupts to 5

  • Pike Sniper - no longer specifically requires war pike missiles to interrupt

  • Hammer Time - no longer specifically requires specifically hammer blasts to interrupt


  • We’ve renamed the Basic track of the Hunt pass to the Free track, to eliminate confusion around whether or not a purchase was required to participate.

  • Banner customizations in the store now have a preview.

  • Hair tints you own now display their name when hovered.

  • Face paints and other customization previews in the store now load faster and more reliably.



  • Tempestborne Stormclaw can no longer become permanently invisible.

  • Koshai’s tail wasn’t growing back if severed, can now regrow as intended.

  • Kharabak and Rezakiri no longer inexplicably have a golden leg.


  • The AFK timer was being a little overzealous, and will no longer kick players who are downed. The timer now also starts when you drop onto the island, rather than loading into the airship, which was the intended behaviour.


  • Fixed a rare bug that could prevent a player from doing anything (eg. moving) after loading onto an island.

  • Fixed some rare crashes that could occur when changing dyes, changing your weapon, when multiple audio events played at once, or when using the Slay with Friends bounty card.

  • Fixed a bug where the FPS and resolution would not reset when clearing video settings.

  • Fixed a bug where PC players could not quit the game if it had gone offline for maintenance.


  • Fixed a bug where some bundles in the store might not show included items.

  • Fixed a bug where shop, mastery or hunt pass screen music would never stop playing if you were on those screens in the airship lobby when the countdown timer began.


  • Flare markers can no longer be hidden behind player markers.

  • Fixed a bug where some NPCs in Ramsgate did not have the correct quest markers.

  • Fixed a bug where Moyra’s first quest would not show an icon.


  • Fixed a bug where the Quests and Bounties screen wouldn’t show all the active quests if opened too soon after loading into Ramsgate.

  • Updated the bounty card Bullet Timing to clarify that beam attacks are not projectiles for the purposes of its projectile-dodging counter.

  • Fixed a bug where the Return to Ramsgate cinematic could play late, or not at all.

  • Fixed a bug in the Unseen helm preventing one region from being dyed.

  • Fixed a bug where aether striker cooldown timers didn’t disappear after timing out.

  • Fixed a bug where patrol chests in the core breaker did not show an icon.

  • Fixed a bug where the updated matchmaking UI could obscure the core breaker or character customization.

  • Fixed a bug where the in-game downed indicator could be missing.


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