Release: 1.1.0 Release: 1.1.0
Release: 1.1.0

1.1.0 marks the arrival of Escalation, a new way to play Dauntless where your level of success increases your level of difficulty. Do well enough and you'll be able to take on an all new Behemoth, Malkarion. There’s also a new HUD, the addition of quick chat, a new player inbox, and a ton of bug fixes. This patch is a big step forward in our performance improvement journey, with increased FPS on all platforms.


  • Escalation hunts. Fight increasingly difficult behemoths in a row and take on the newest addition, Malkarion. For more information, check out the Escalation page.

  • The Combat HUD has been reworked for clarity, style and completeness of information.

  • Behemoths now have a four-step health indicator. This can be disabled in Options.

  • Player Inbox is live, where you will receive short messages from us about the game, patches, sales, and events.

  • Quests now show your rewards up front, and the new quest tracker on the HUD lets you cycle through your quest objectives.

  • The emote wheel now has a Quick Chat item, letting you send preconfigured phrases in combat without typing.

  • Large Text options added, as well as improved contrast and tuned base font size on in-game text.

  • Confirm and Back buttons can now be swapped on all platforms.

  • Japanese is now fully supported on all platforms.

  • New intro cinematic and tutorial.



  • Piercing Flurry final attack (Light x5) and Dodge Piercing Flurry (Dodge -> Light) hit boxes have been increased to match other Piercing Flurry attacks.

  • Piercing Flurry final attack stamina cost reduced to 1 (down from 1.25) per stab

  • Aether Harvester (Heavy x3) final attack stamina cost reduced to 5 (down from 10)

  • Dodge -> Harvester Attack stamina cost reduced to 5 (down from 10)

  • Executioner’s Spearhead (Pike Mod) now has a max stack count of 10.


  • If a player gains attack speed in the middle of a move, the current move will speed up to match the buffed speed.



  • “Complete # hunts ([weapon] counts as 2)” bounties changed to be “Hunt # behemoths ([weapon] counts as 2)”, so each Escalation behemoth counts towards your total. This affects all versions of Slay Of The Fist, If You Have To Axe, Chains Of Cool, Slay. Reload. Repeat, Slayer Smash!, Pike Jones, and A Way With The Blade.

  • Added a new set of bounty cards based around killing Behemoths based on their specific elements. New bounties are:

    • You’re Hot and You’re Cold (Kill a number of Blaze or Frost Behemoths)
    • Grounded Current (Kill a number of Terra or Shock Behemoths)
    • Thrills and Chills (Kill a Number of Frost or Shock Behemoths)
    • Electrical Fire (Kill a number of Shock of Blaze Behemoths)
    • Darkest Nights (Kill a number of Umbral or Neutral Behemoths)
    • Brightest Days (Kill a number of Radiant or Neutral Behemoths)


  • Decreased CPU usage for all behemoths, with specific improvements to Nayzaga, Skraev, Valomyr, and on part breaks.

  • Decreased CPU usage for the HUD.

  • Optimized floating combat text.

  • Decreased CPU usage when more than one Slayer is visible.

  • Decreased loading time after logging in. Get in-game faster!

  • Decreased the amount of time it takes to load into the tutorial from the main menu.

  • Decreased CPU usage in Ramsgate.

  • Lava attacks play more smoothly.

  • Decreased CPU usage when using chainblades specials.

  • Improved network performance.


  • Kat now has a compass marker in Ramsgate.

  • The Middleman now has a silver compass marker if you have cells cooking.

  • NPC dialog screens now open automatically if there is only a single quest to accept or redeem.


  • Downed Slayers will only get a notice to use a stim to revive if they have stims available.

  • Increased AFK timer to 10 minutes when playing solo or in a private hunt with friends.

  • AFK timer no longer applies to downed slayers, or the end of hunt screen.


  • Overhauled the quest text for ALL quests.

  • Unlocked items on the Personality menu will always show first, and stay in the same order.

  • Matchmaking status has a new animation that slides out of view when the menu is closed, to clearly identify status.

  • “Loadout” is now referred to as “Equipment”. The layout of the Equipment screen has been reworked, and its default hotkey changed to “i”.

  • Middleman cell amounts now show “x1” rather than just be blank when only a single cell is present.



  • Axe Determination level no longer drains when a Behemoth flees, or when an Escalation round is over. It will resume draining again when the axe user deals direct damage to a Behemoth.

  • ‘The Hunger’ sword will now empty its meter when a Behemoth flees or an escalation round is over, stopping the life draining effect early.

  • ‘The Hunger’ sword no longer plays your Lantern activation sound at the start of a hunt.

  • Repeaters getting an empowered reload from a Boreus minion no longer appear to reload from Boreus.

  • Fixed a bug that was preventing players from dodging out of the War Pike heavy final attack early.

  • Fixed a bug on the Trials island that could cause the Behemoth to stop moving if the player stood in a particular spot.

  • Multiple fixes for places it was possible to fall through islands or get stuck.

  • Players can no longer take damage or be downed after a hunt ends.

  • Fixed a bug where damage text was inconsistently showing to remote players.

  • Fixed a bug that could cause attacks at the end of a damage window to not register.

  • Fixed a bug that could cause players to teleport into Hellion volcanoes with certain moves eg. Koshai lantern hold or Riftstrike.

  • Fixed a bug that reset FOV settings on login.

  • Fixed a bug that broke the mouse sensitivity setting. PC players will need to set their mouse sensitivity again after patching.

  • Fixed a bug where in game voice chat might not work after the player was kicked due to the system going to sleep.

  • Players will no longer see any objects appear under their body when jumping with chain blades equipped.

  • Fixed several rare crashes that could happen when loading back to Ramsgate.

  • Fixed several bugs that could prevent players from loading onto an island correctly.

  • Lifesteal can no longer heal from striking a dead Behemoth.

  • Broadsides Lantern Hold Ability will no longer float in the air if using while airborne.


  • Fixed clipping on some arm and chest armor, including Watch Cap, Lightning Helm, Stealthwork Mask, Fiery Gauntlets, Hellplate Casque, Seeker’s Fist Wraps, Seeker’s Tunic, and several interactions with feminine body type.

  • Fixed a bug where some guards in Ramsgate had no hands.

  • Fixed a bug where the “Burning Banner” plant animation didn’t spawn fire from the bottom.


  • Fixed a bug where keyboard shortcuts didn’t work when inside the main menu.

  • Grim Onslaught, Relentless Onslaught, Reckless Leap and Twin Suns’ combo lists are now correct.

  • Stormclaw and Valomyr armour default dyes now match their icons again.

  • Fixed several bugs when viewing the character in the loadout or store screen, including loading, VFX and correct cropping on ultrawide displays.

  • Fixed a bug where players on PC might not be able to hit the ‘Quit to Desktop’ button in windowed mode.

  • Fixed a bug on PC where platinum packs on sale could show the current sale price crossed out instead of the original price.

  • Fixed a bug where store timers wouldn’t properly tick down.


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