Release: OB 0.9.0 Release: OB 0.9.0
Release: OB 0.9.0

Patch OB 0.9.0 heralds the arrival of Lady Luck, who brings Trials, the Wall of Champions, an all-new shop, and a new Hunt Pass: Fortune & Glory.


  • Take on the Trials. Lady Luck has arrived in Ramsgate with her mysterious Island of Trials. Slayers who have progressed to Rezakiri and Shrowd will be able to participate in a new Trial each week, competing to see who can conquer it the fastest.

  • Beware of Smollusks. Also appearing on the Island of Trials: Smollusks. These snail-like creatures leave trails of disruptive aether in their wake, so be careful where you step.

  • Stop by Lady Luck’s shop. Once you’ve earned a handful of Marks, stop by The Lucky Break to see what’s in stock. Steel Marks will get you weapon mods, specials, and cells, while Gilded Marks will buy you cosmetics. Look forward to prestige cosmetics, as well as more mods and specials in upcoming patches!

  • Try on a new cosmetic. Open your Loadout and select a helm for access to a new head customization slot. Want to see what it looks like? Visit Lady Luck’s shop and try on a crown.

  • Climb the Wall of Champions. Complete Dauntless Trials in record time to earn a place on the Wall of Champions — our first-ever leaderboards!

  • Discover Fortune & Glory. The latest Hunt Pass to land in Dauntless is Fortune & Glory: a corsair-themed pass that arrives with Lady Luck. This will be the first Hunt Pass of the High Skies season.

  • Upgrade to Unreal Engine 4.22. This brings with it performance improvements for players and workflow improvements that will help our team iterate and develop more effectively. The difference is … unreal.

  • Keep it fair with Easy Anti-Cheat. When you load up Dauntless on PC after this patch, you’ll be prompted to install Easy Anti-Cheat. This new addition will help curb some of the less-than-ethical slaying we’ve seen. We’ll also continue to monitor player reports made through the in-game Help menu.

  • Common is common again! Common Behemoth break parts (such as leg and tail drops) are now guaranteed to drop when you break that part. Previously, threat level 8+ Behemoths had a chance to drop a rare/epic part or arcstone, which would replace the common part drop. They now drop (with chance-on-drop rates unchanged) in addition to the common drop.

  • Heroic is common, too! Increased the drop rate for “generic common” materials from heroic Behemoths, and reduced the drop rate for “generic rare” materials from heroic Behemoths. This should make “generic common” materials from Behemoths like Shrowd and Rezakiri easier to obtain than their “generic rare” materials.

  • Stock up on shards. Skraev, Drask, and Stormclaw now have an increased chance to drop epic shards.

  • Improved Message of the Day. Slayers will now see different messages of the day that are better served to their interests. Yes, this means that if you buy the latest hunt pass, you won’t be bombarded with messages to get he hunt pass!


  • Improved lava VFX performance. Flow restored.

  • Fixed a bug where Slayers could get stuck in a falling-forever loop instead of recovering from falls as intended.

  • Fixed a bug where picking up break parts from Heroic Deadeye Quillshot could cause Slayers to become Shellshocked.

  • Fixed a bug where some break parts wouldn’t visually show up after breaking the part.

  • Weapon AoE VFX will no longer show the incorrect elemental particles when multiple elemental AoEs are used at once.

  • Polished the VFX on Shrowd’s doomsday orb. Slayers are still advised not to touch, lick, or otherwise try to consume the orb.

  • Improved performance in Ramsgate.

  • Epic Games store purchases made through PayPal should now work as intended.

  • Decreased the likelihood of players getting stuck when trying to check out in the store. If you continue to notice this, please let us know via Support!

  • Repeaters hit VFX and empowered hit VFX now scale down as the player approaches the Behemoth, reducing the VFX overload that used to occur at close range and/or with high attack speed.

  • Hid other Slayers’ persistent fire shields (e.g. Molten) and health shields. You should now only see your own.

  • Fixed an issue where the Shrike Lantern VFX could sometimes be left behind.

  • Fixed a bug where, after any weapon damage event with a hitpause, Slayers were reset back to the default speed instead of the appropriate attack speed. For attacks like Blade Spin, Ardent Cyclone, Horizontal Hammers, etc. this could be a major attack speed decrease.

  • Improved terra aether audio effects. Sword terra overdrive audio is now 27%+ more pizazzy.

  • Dyes will now properly save when transitioning between island and city instances, regardless of their transmog status.

  • Fixed an issue where the axe’s Vertical Ripper attack would deal rank 0 charge damage instead of rank 2 charge damage if it was overcharged.

  • Fixed a bug that could cause the environment to suddenly darken upon exiting certain menus in Ramsgate.

  • Social interfaces will now “remember” their state, carrying over active tabs and categories from the airship to the island.

  • Fixed a bug where the war pike running charge could cancel for no reason.

  • Fixed a bug that caused the Emberpike to appear offset in the crafting menu.

  • Items you have already purchased should now correctly sort to the bottom of each store page.

  • Optimized the Loadout screen to be more responsive when selecting a weapon, armour, or lantern item.

  • Added VoIP icons to the End of Hunt screen. You should now be able to see who is talking even after the hunt concludes.

  • Resetting your character from the title menu should no longer force you to relaunch Dauntless.

  • Fixed a bug where the repeaters failed to appear in Slayers’ hands during certain arrival animations.

  • Fixed a bug where using the war pike special missile could fire two shots instead of just one.

  • Claiming platinum rewards from the Hunt Pass should now immediately refresh your total platinum balance.

  • Fixed a bug where Slayers could get stuck in Gregario’s menu when interacting with the Hunt Pass. Only the most fashionable will escape here alive.

  • Fixed a bug that could cause PlayStation users to crash when hunting the Riftstalker.

  • Fixed an issue where axe charge attacks were cancelling or failing to start on when a Slayer had no stamina.

  • Fixed a bug that caused dyes to sort alphabetically. This was the same bug that caused certain dyes to appear locked when they weren’t. Order is restored.

  • Polished rage VFX.

  • Polished Stormclaw’s aetherstate VFX.

  • Transmog stones can once again be used to transmog gear!


  • Repeaters are missing from store previews. Including store previews of repeater transmogs.

  • Transmog stone balances don’t auto-update. You will need to close and re-open the Loadout screen to see your correct balance.

  • Opening Lady Luck’s menu can sometimes cause a delay.

  • The “My Cells” menu at the Middleman only shows cells that are not slotted in gear.

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