Release: OB 0.9.2 Release: OB 0.9.2
Release: OB 0.9.2

Patch OB 0.9.2 brings the start of the Zephyr Strike Hunt Pass, introduces new weapon mods and specials, and paves the way for loadouts in an upcoming release.


  • Patrol Chest improvements. The Patrol Chest Boost leaves the store and Patrol Chest Bundles take their place. We’ve also updated the UI for Patrol Chests in several places, making it easier to see how many you have, whether or not one is active, and what you’ll get if you use one. Read more about it on the blog.

  • Hair tints. Bored with dress code compliant colours? Now you can tint your hair in three new neon shades! Look for two new shades in the in-game store (one in each of the Zephyr Squad packs) and one more on the Hunt Pass Basic Track.

  • Faction Fight! This new community event pits two Zephyr Squads against one another – and you’re invited to join. Pick a side in the in-game store (look for the Faction Fight tab) and start earning points for your favourite faction. We’ll make the winning side’s lantern free in the store! Click here for all the details.

  • Zephyr Strike. The second Hunt Pass of the High Skies season begins with 0.9.2! This pass goes neon with cadet-inspired armour, weapons, and aether-shaping emotes. Look for an update on the Hunt Pass page soon!

  • Styxians. The newest species of aggressive fauna comes equipped with sharp teeth, powerful legs, and the ability to pin Slayers in place. Keep an eye out for them in the upcoming Trials and make sure you fight them off before they knock you down.

  • New sword special. Parry incoming Behemoth attacks with Avenging Overdrive, a new special move for the sword. Check it out at The Lucky Break after completing this weeks Trial.

  • New Trials rewards. Lady Luck has updated her inventory and added new weapon mods and cells. Stop by her stall to see what’s in store.

  • Chain blades specials. We’ve overhauled Reaper’s Dance, making it so Slayers who are brave enough to flip out now have the option to attack from the air. We’ve also added a second alternate special to Lady Luck’s shop. Check out Insatiable Dance next time you have Marks to spend.


  • Added a new icon above the mirror in Ramsgate Plaza to make it more clear that it’s an interactive object (it’s a shortcut to modify your Slayer Appearance!).

  • Improved performance in situations where the HUD is visible.

  • Improved overall performance in Ramsgate.

  • Fixed a bug where banners could remain on screen when navigating from a banner preview to an emote preview.

  • Fixed a bug where the FOV slider wasn’t working. Players can now adjust their FOV from 35 to 120 degrees.

  • Fixed a couple of UI elements that had the wrong name.

  • Players’ legs and glutes will not longer clip through the Volcanic Treads leg armour.

  • Sound effects should now be slightly clearer when previewing items on the Personality, Loadout, and Store screens.

  • Players on lower graphics settings will no longer see banners without proper cloth physics.

  • Fixed a bug that caused Shrowd shadow clone kills to count toward objectives that required actual Shrowd (Behemoth) kills.

  • Fixed a bug where teleporting with the Koshai lantern’s held ability would mistarget if it was used while dodging with repeaters drawn.

  • Pending group invites will now trigger a “!” indicator on the Social HUD.

  • Fixed an issue where the screen would fade to black multiple times during the arrival cinematic on Burning Rose (island).

  • Fixed an issue that could cause the framerate to lock during hunts on Burning Rose (island).

  • Fixed an issue where throwing your axe off a cliff would cause it to fall the ground upon return, triggering the failsafe catch.

  • Fixed an issue where, under high latency, the axe return from cliff throws could put the axe under the world.

  • Koshai will no longer destroy its own vines, bringing its mechanics in line with other Behemoth and Behemoth-created object interactions.

  • Nayzaga’s Scythe (axe) now heals its wielder on all perfectly charged attacks from the secondary combo.

  • Fixed an issue where camera centering on Shrike and Embermane could stop working after they fled.

  • Slayers will no longer play the sheathe animation if they emote after throwing the axe.

  • Fixed an issue where cores would not display after the previous one had dissolved (on the core breaker screen).

  • Reduced the amount of install space Dauntless takes up on hard drives. Roomy.

  • Players should no longer see the camera pop after dodging with repeaters equipped.

  • Slayers will now see a visual indicator when prestiging a Mastery card.

  • Slayers will now see a notification when they buy platinum or platinum-included bundles. It will display both the item name and quantity of platinum acquired, and will populate after exiting the store screen.

  • The Draskscale Helmet (helm) should now sit correctly on all characters’ heads.

  • Scorchstone Hellion’s lavaballs that spew from its volcanoes will now no longer collide and explode under the world.

  • Fixed a bug that caused the “cores available” marker to remain on-screen if a player quickly backed out of the core breaker UI (with no cores remaining).

  • Critical hits should now correctly display on creatures and objects.

  • Fixed a bug where damage text would not animate correctly on certain objects

  • Fixed a second bug where damage text would show up more than once on a swing.

  • Fixed a third bug where, in some cases, damage text would not show the correct damage numbers.

  • Reduced the Normal-difficulty Trials threat level to 18 (from 19) and reduced Behemoth power from to 600 (from 625).

  • Increased collision volume size on Charrogg’s lobbed fireballs so that they’re more true to the visuals.

  • Improved audio for the Blinded debuff.

  • Fixed a bug where a player could get into a temporary (3-second) bad state when using the Koshai Lantern during a trajectory warp.

  • Fixed a black screen during the arrival sequence on Iron Falls (island).

  • Fixed a bug where the currency counts in the top right of the Lucky Break (Lady Luck’s store) wouldn’t update until the store was closed and re-opened.

  • Dimmed the brightness of unachieved rewards in the Trials End of Hunt screen (loss).

  • Fixed a bug where some hammer clips weren’t visible in menus where the character was visible.

  • Fixed upward scrolling in the quest log. It should no longer jump to Hunt Pass challenges.

  • Fixed a bug where Hunt Pass levels might not update immediately after purchasing level skips.

  • Fixed a bug where banners weren’t consistently showing up in Hunt Pass screens. (Note: The camera may still be zoomed in too far to see the entire banner standard, we are aware of this and working on it!)

  • Fixed a bug where some dye regions on the Ironclad Helm could not be dyed.


  • Bleed VFX from Koshai vines will no longer remain on a player if a vine patch is destroyed while the player is moving in them.

  • Turned down the intensity of the lighting on the loadout screen.

  • Successfully reflecting Stormclaw’s lightning ball will now show a little “success!” VFX. Hooray for me! I did it!

  • Polished Drask’s lightning breath VFX.

  • Koshai will no longer leave behind permanent spinning leaf VFX after its shield is destroyed.

Ongoing Boreus Tuning

  • Players are now able to deal mitigated damage to Boreus’ shield without having a minion buff (players still deal additional damage on next hit when attacking with a buff). Players deal 35% less damage to Lesser Boreus’ shield, 60% less damage to normal Boreus’ shield, and 80% less damage to Dreadfrost and Heroic Dreadfrost Boreus’ shield.

  • Increased ice shield health a bit to balance out being able to damage shield with regular attacks.

  • Slightly increased ice shield health for three- and four-player hunts. Slightly decreased ice shield health for one- and two-player hunts.

  • Made it less likely that Boreus will summon minions immediately after its ice shield breaks.

  • Fixed an issue where Dreadfrost Boreus had less health than its standard version.

  • Increased the maximum number of minions that can spawn per player on several of Dreadfrost Boreus’ waves.

  • Reduced the cooldown on minion spawns to balance out the recently-reduced minion count.

  • Removed foot and tail damage from the initial jump of Boreus’ 360 attack. All damage now comes from the AoE slam at the end.

  • Reduced the damage radius on Boreus’ Rage Leap AoE attack.

  • Dreadfrost Boreus’ charge attack now (1) does a single charge when not enraged and (2) does a double charge when enraged. Occasionally, Boreus will target players with a single charge if Boreus’ ice shield is up. It no longer charges away from players while the shield is up.

  • Scaled down Dreadfrost Boreus to 95%.

  • Boreus can no longer use his leap to reposition after activating his shield when below 40% hp.

  • Boreus can now do its ground stomp while aether charged.

  • Slightly reduced the frequency of Boreus’ “back away” behavior.

Molten Edict

  • Fixed a bug that caused the amount of ammo spent on a charged fireball to be incorrect at most latencies. This could cause the lava pool to fail to spawn at full charge.

  • The audio for Molten Edict’s explosion should now spawn at the origin in all cases. It previously failed to spawn correctly when fully charged.


  • Rage and Wild Frenzy now are triggered at < 50% health, regardless of level. Previously, levels 1-3 required you to be at < 30% health.

  • Rage percent damage per rank has been standardized to match Wild Frenzy (5/8/10/15/20/25 to 5/8/12/16/20/25).


  • Repeaters won’t update to show active parts in screens that preview the weapons. They will only show the default.

  • Slayers are unable to reach Behemoth Mastery Rank 50.

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