Release: OB 0.5.11 Release: OB 0.5.11
Release: OB 0.5.11

OB 0.5.11 ends Dark Harvest and ushers in sunshine, bug fixes, and more.


  • Dark Harvest is over and the sun shines again, revealing a city scrubbed clean of graffiti. But while the Unseen seem to have skulked back to the shadows, the umbral Riftstalkers remain. Be on the lookout for those telltale purple portals…


  • Fixed an issue where certain hit reactions were taking priority over Resolve.

  • Fixed a bug that could cause players to spawn outside of Riftstalker’s murder palace. R is among the most menacing of sounds.

  • The transfusion grenade’s healing orbs should more reliably seek and heal their targets.

  • The transfusion grenade’s healing orbs will no longer be consumed if they strike a Slayer who is at full health. (They will now pass through them.)

  • The transfusion grenade’s healing orbs will now change targets immediately if their active target is killed or healed to full.

  • Added new daily and weekly challenges for repeaters. Don’t forget to turn them sideways.

  • Ramsgate and the Shattered Isles have both undergone a optimization pass to help improve performance.

  • Dye palettes have been restored to their proper order in the UI.

  • Dyes that aren’t available will now display a lock icon when viewed in dye selection screens.

  • Dye swatches are now easier to use when playing with a gamepad.
  • Did a polish pass on the Bosun’s hair and beard.

  • Repositioned the Riftstalker’s umbral blast so it no longer shoots from below its feet.

  • Made it easier to get break parts from Firebrand before it dies.

  • Did a VFX pass on the Riftstalker.

  • Cleaned up VFX for the Riftstalker’s weapons.

  • Improved the audio and visual effects on the Riftstalker’s portal jumps.

  • Changed the way that the chain blades’ pull rotates players, making it more fluid vs. abrupt.

  • Fixed a couple places where Slayers could get stuck on ledges if they fell off an island.

  • Completed a VFX pass on aether vents, making them appear more grounded.

  • Improved the repeaters’ ability to inflict elemental status effects.

  • Fixed a bug that could cause Slayers to lose their eyes or eyebrows due to helmet hiding settings.

  • Made UI buttons easier to read and understand.

  • Fixed a bug that could cause repeaters-wielding Slayers to “pop” weirdly when being pulled into Riftstalker’s murder palace.

  • Fixed a bug where armour power didn’t mitigate thorn/vine damage. Protect your neck.

  • Koshai gear should now correctly unlock after the player has hunted Koshai (instead of requiring players to successfully complete the quest).

  • Repeater-wielding Slayers can now shoot and destroy Koshai’s falling seed pods and Charrogg’s rolling lava balls.

  • Fixed another bug that could cause Slayers to execute the war pike’s side step attack, even though it was removed in a previous patch.

  • Did a VFX polish pass on lava pools.

  • Redesigned and replaced Riftstalker’s vocalisations.

  • Fixed a bug that could cause the war pike to continue to whoosh when it was dodge cancelled.

  • Fixed a bug where the camera would respond to input while the player was navigating the emote wheel.

  • Fixed a bug where some helmets would cause Slayers to appear eyeless. The goggles do nothing!


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