Release: OB 0.5.15 Release: OB 0.5.15
Release: OB 0.5.15

OB 0.5.15 overhauls the chat system, improves the new player tutorial, makes it easier to preview and buy emotes, reworks the sword special attack, and keeps that quality of life going up up up.


  • The sword special move, Overdrive, has been reworked:
    • Overdrive will now fire slicers from each weapon swing, dealing AOE damage to Behemoths.
    • While in Overdrive, reactivating your special will cause you to dash forward a great distance. This will incur a short cooldown, but can be used several times during each Overdrive.
    • Overdrive can now only be activated at full meter, and will no longer fire a projectile or perform a swing upon activation.
    • Overdrive no longer grants a 30% damage increase to basic swings. (Damage increase has been replaced by the slicer damage, improving damage overall).
    • All slicers will trigger the +6 Weighted Cell’s interrupt effect.
    • Primary attacks now generate slightly less special meter while secondary attacks generate significantly more.
    • Sword attacks individual damage have been rebalanced to better reflect their time and/or stamina costs.
  • The Hunger’s special move, Feast, has been reworked:
    • Feast also benefits from Overdrive’s slicers and dash reactivations.
    • While in Feast, players will constantly lose Health (down to 1), but will gain significant lifesteal when attacking.
    • While in Feast, players will deal 20% more damage with all attacks.
    • Feast adds invulnerability to Overdrive’s dash.
    • Feast no longer deals damage to the player when the player attacks, and can no longer be reactivated to perform the hand-grab attack.
    • The Hunger no longer gains increased damage as its meter fills.
    • Damage taken from Feast will no longer cancel Predator Cells’ effects.
  • Introduced multiple chat improvements:
    • Chat can now be accessed via the radial menu, which means that gamepad users can finally banter.
    • Added timestamps and chat history to conversations.
    • Players can now navigate the chat log with gamepad, keyboard, and mouse.
    • Changed the default font to a much more readable one. My eyes!
    • Players will now be able to click a friend’s name when they come online, giving them the option to whisper to them, invite them to a party, or remove them as a friend. Friendship with crash7800 ended! Now SquidmoX is my best friend.
    • The chat window will now be hidden when in fullscreen menus. Craft, smith, and click things without words in the way!
    • Fixed a bug that could cause line breaks to send as “—” in chat.
  • Emotes and arrival animations can now be purchased directly from the Emote and Hunt Arrival screens in the Style menu. Players will also see a short animation when successfully purchasing an item from an in-game menu.

  • Something is afoot in the Maelstrom! Certain islands seem to have moved, and Behemoths are showing up outside of their regular stomping grounds. Brace for impact!

  • Introduced a new, more streamlined tutorial flow for new users that should help them get going more quickly and efficiently.

  • Introduced a new message of the day UI to match the login and main menu. This is an ongoing change, please let us know if you see any bugs! Bugs will be humanely trapped and released several miles away from *Dauntless code.*


  • Reduced the area of effect size on Rockfall Skarn’s front flip.

  • Fixed a bug where audio could remain muffled even after breaking Rezakiri’s prism.

  • Fixed a bug that could cause Shrike to get stuck in certain areas.

  • Fixed a bug that prevented one of Heroic Rockfall Skarn’s attacks from properly inflicting shellshock.

  • Fixed an extremely ooky bug that caused citizens of Ramsgate to spawn faces on the top of their heads.

  • Frostfall Crown will no longer inherit dye colours from previously selected helm transmogs, and will appear with normal colours in-world when dyes are left as default colours.

  • Fixed a bug where the Stormteeth (Stormclaw chain blades) backflip special would deal frost aether damage instead of shock.

  • Fixed an issue where player movement could be blocked by the repeaters’ Captain/Admiral Grip pickup.

  • Slayers can now collect break part orbs by running over them. No more holding ‘E’! Note: Slayers will still receive all break parts at the end of their hunt, even if they don’t pick up any orbs.

  • Made it easier for Slayers to target and break Gnasher’s arms.

  • Fixed a bug where Weighted Strikes and Barbed Cells’ perfect dodge bonuses weren’t applying correctly.


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