Release: CB 0.2.4 Release: CB 0.2.4
Release: CB 0.2.4

This patch improves the Dauntless experience across the board. Combat gets some love with the newly added sword dodge attack and a brand new Shrowdsaber™. We’re further improving on our End of Match sequence by implementing new medals and a revised End of Hunt screen. The patch is rounded out by bug fixes and improvements to Behemoth visuals and collision.

Weapons and Armour — And it. Is! GLORIOUS!

  • Sword users now have a dodge attack. This is the first of several new movement-based attacks we will be introducing to all weapons. Stay tuned for a blog post this week!

  • New textures and appearance for the Shrowd Sword.

  • New textures and appearance for the Archonite Axe.

  • Fixed a bug that caused players to sometimes get hit by other players’ special attacks. Please let us know if you are still experiencing this issue!

  • Updated textures for Gnasher and Skraev Chain Blades to fix an issue with glowing parts.

  • Fixed an issue with armour clipping on various chestplates.

  • Updated armour icons for Pangar, Embermane, Gnasher, Nayzaga, Quillshot, Skraev, and Shrike

  • Doubled length of invulnerability frames for the Chain Blades during the special-action pull-in/flip-out. This will make using the Chain Blades special attack more viable.

  • Added an area of effect damage and effects burst for the full special meter chain blade flip-out (Chain Blades look even more rad now!)

  • Updated Chain Blades special meter graphics to better differentiate between partial pip and full pip.

  • Collision improvements for all weapon to minimize non-registering hits.

  • Fixed a bug that sometimes distorted Skraev Chain Blades appearance.

  • Fixed issues that sometimes caused incorrect sound effects to play for Nayzaga weapons.

  • Bug fixed that caused the Deadeye Hammer to sometimes not upgrade properly.

Behemoths — Gotta Get Up and Be Somebody

  • Improved collision so that Behemoths will no longer collide with downed players.

  • Further improved collision when player is moving next to a Behemoth. This should further reduce being “stuck” to Behemoths.

  • Fixed bug that prevented Behemoths from properly navigating around projectiles that were sticking out of the ground.

  • Effects polish pass on Behemoths to better show changes between enraged/aether-charged/normal states.

  • Various effects improvements to Behemoth proximity attack effects.

  • Adjusted tail stagger length so that players will get juggled less easily.


  • Adjusted collision for Shrike’s backhand attack.

  • Reduced Shrike’s “wind cutter” attack collision size.

  • Adjusted invulnerability frames for Moonreaver Shrike’s backhand so that players can do damage during the attack.


  • Updated colour for Embermanes aether glow on wounds.

  • Updated music and audio for Embermane fight.

  • Fixed a bug that caused Embermane to run into walls.

  • Animation polish pass.


  • Fixed a bug that sometimes prevented Charrogg’s blaze vents from breaking.

  • Balance and timing pass on Charrogg’s front tackle attack.

  • Updated music and audio for Charrogg fight.

  • Texture updates to align with new aether colour changes.

  • Animation polish and improvements for Charrogg movement and aether-charge.


  • Updated effects for shock attacks.

  • Improved collision when attacking Drask’s head.

  • Texture updates to align with new aether colour changes.


  • Updated colour for Stormclaw’s aether glow on wounds.

  • Texture updates to align with new aether colour changes.


  • Updated effects for shock attacks.

  • Various Nayzaga audio improvements.

  • Texture updates to align with new aether colour changes.


  • Texture updates to align with new aether colour changes.

  • Animation polish pass.


  • Fixed collision with Shrowd’s “shadow orb” attack and modified the time the that the attack is visible (reducing unfair hits).

  • Audio improvements and updates for Shrowd hunt. Shrowd will no longer makes any noise when teleporting in rage mode in order to improve balance and atmosphere of the hunt (234% spoopier).

  • Fixed a bug where Shrowd would sometimes spawn two orbs if his attack was interrupted.

  • Animation polish pass.


  • Polish pass on Skraev’s Ice Wall ground scratch.

  • Texture updates to Quillshot to align with aether colour changes.

  • Animation polish and improvements for Rezakiri staggers.

  • Animation polish pass for Pangar.

Quality of Life — If You Ain’t First, You’re Last

  • Updated and improved End of Match sequence for players with new medals, end of hunt imagery, and badges. This is a first step and will continue to improve over time, so stay tuned!

  • Players can now switch more easily between different chats. Pressing “Enter” with a chat mode shortcut will no longer close the chat window.

  • Updated the Journal to show the rewards for completing a quest.

  • Various improvements to make guild chat more reliable.

  • Updates to NPCs and fog in Ramsgate to improve performance.

  • Fixed a bug where quests could sometimes be completed without gathering all requirements.

  • Fixed a bug where the wrong lantern might be automatically selected in loadout.

  • Fixed a bug where reflected projectiles would not collide with Nayzaga shock turrets.

  • Updated descriptions for Blaze Resistance Potion with more accurate details.

  • Improved quest dialogue for some quests that had ambiguous wording.

  • Updated NPCs in Ramsgate to help improve performance.

  • Clarified descriptive text for resistance potions and recipes.

  • Player Animation optimization pass.

  • Fixed a bug that would cause snow effects to appear when walking on non-snowy parts of snowy environments.

  • Fixed an issue with player-on-player collision in Ramsgate.

  • Miscellaneous collision improvements with flora, fauna, and environment during hunt.

Ramsgate and the Shattered Isles — OSHA Approved

  • Fixed aether wisps floating too far above the ground or off of ledges, causing them to be out of reach for players.

  • Polish pass on all water effects.

  • Miscellaneous collision and clipping improvements around Ramsgate.

  • Miscellaneous improvements to the atmosphere of Ramsgate (e.g. pottery, signage, etc.) This has increased property values by 2.34%.

  • Polish pass on art for various gatherables.

  • Polish pass on rock textures. Graveling intensifies…


  • Updated the name of the Nayzaga lantern to remove a placeholder name.

  • Fixed a bug that allowed an axe charge to be held indefinitely.

  • Fixed a bug that sometimes caused lantern icons to display incorrectly.

  • Fixed a bug where keyboard & mouse players might see gamepad icons and vice versa.

  • Fixed a bug that caused some weapon and armour sets to have the incorrect names.

  • Fixed a bug that caused the banner to appear with the default texture.

  • Fixed a bug where the quest giver’s name didn’t always show up in the journal.

  • Polish pass on player shadows on surfaces.

  • Polish pass on in-game fonts to be consistent and improve readability.

  • Audio balance pass on airship cinematic.

  • Corrected some typos in text across dialogue and quests.


We’ve been hard at work squashing bugs and making improvements to Dauntless. Thank you to everyone for their patience and continued support! Your feedback has been instrumental in helping us track down and resolve these issues.

We believe we’ve found and fixed almost all progression-blocking bugs but please visit if you are stuck because of a quest that will not complete.

We’re continuing to optimize and improve performance, especially in Ramsgate. If your game is crashing while joining or while in Ramsgate, please try lowering your graphic settings (especially resolution).

We’re aware that some players are experiencing disconnects and server crashes and actively working on these issues to improve overall stability.

Nayzaga gauntlets may disappear from inventory when upgrading from Tier 6 to Tier 7. Upgrading them to Tier 8 will return them to your inventory.

Users may see progression for Gnasher Armour above Tier 3. This is a menu bug, there is no progression above Tier 3 for Gnasher Armour.

Do not log into Dauntless from multiple places at the same time. It will lead to account data corruption.

Menus, icons, and controller support are a continued work in progress. Please use a mouse and keyboard where a controller is not fully supported.

Behemoths may occasionally walk in irregular patterns. Fix this by slaying them.

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