Release: FA 0.1.3 Release: FA 0.1.3
Release: FA 0.1.3

Our next patch has released and contains a variety of bug fixes and optimizations. Thank you to everyone who has participated in the Founder’s Alpha and supported Dauntless!


Adjusted Behemoth part breaks, item drops, gatherables, and recipe requirements to remove quest progression blockers.

Simmer Down

For real this time, we fixed the quest Simmer Down so that players can progress past it.

Rage Quit

Adjusted damage bonus for Berserk potions.

It Must Be This New Diet

Made optimizations to in-game collision so Behemoths and players get stuck less.

Are Those Teeth?

Updated the artwork on the Gnasher Chain Blades weapon. Moving forward you can expect new art for weapons and armour to come in on a regular basis.

Boost Just Kicked In, Yo.

Fixed a display issue with Patron and Champion boosts. Patron boost now correctly displays over Champion boost in the Core Breaker interface.

Gotta Go Fast

Temporarily capped framerate at 60FPS while we investigate underlying performance issues.

A Light in the Dark

Adjusted lantern names and recipes and fixed an issue that caused incorrect lanterns to be equipped.

It Burns!

Players will no longer stand up when knocked out due to Blaze damage over time effects.

Hide and Seek

Adjusted Behemoth starting locations on snow and desert environments so they don’t appear at Slayer drop zones.

Street Cred

Fixed an issue where the Founder forum icon wouldn’t show up properly.

The Power of Iron

Adjusted raw elemental damage so that it no longer uses the target’s highest elemental resistance. Raw elemental attack should now feel more powerful.

Note to Self

Fixed an issue that causes a player’s name to be appear as “self.”

At Ease, Slayer

Smoothed out the salute emote animation.

Who Invited That Guy?

Added details to the tutorial pop-ups to inform players how to form a party and add friends.

Running on Empty

Fixed an issue that prevented hunts from ending when the timer expired.

Why Isn’t This Purple?

Epic Cores are now guaranteed to drop Epic Archonite.

It’s Like Butter

More stability and performance fixes to reduce crashes and improve FPS. If you are still seeing poor performance use the “Auto” option in the graphics settings. If you’re still having problems, try lowering your graphics settings.

360 Noscope Blaze It

Updated the requirements on the “Where’s the Blaze” quest.

What’s in a Name?

Adjusted naming conventions for ingredients, armours, and weapons.

What is THAT doing here?!

Corrected a reference to Rogue Drask in a Rogue Charrogg quest.

Dynamic Duo

Tuned Ragetail Gnasher and Moonreaver Shrike encounters based on player feedback.

Founder’s Alpha - Known Issues

We’ve been hard at work squashing bugs and making improvements to Dauntless. Thank you to everyone for their patience and continued support! Your feedback has been instrumental in helping us track down these issues.

  • We’re still resolving issues around in-game chat and expect to have this fixed in an upcoming patch in the very near future.
  • We appreciate everyone’s patience while we uncover progression blocking bugs. We believe we’ve found most of them at this point, if you are still stuck please contact [email protected].
  • The quest The Mighty Will Fall doesn’t indicate that players need to slay 2 of each Behemoth. We are fixing this in a future patch.
  • We’re still optimizing performance, especially in Ramsgate, during this time please try lowering your graphic settings to improve your FPS and prevent crashes.
  • When redeeming a code on, please ensure you are logged out of the game. Once your code has been redeemed, log back in.
  • Pausing the Intro Video that plays when first starting the game can have an adverse impact on the in-game camera.
  • Please do not log into Dauntless from multiple places at the same time, it can lead to data corruption.
  • Sometimes game servers take up to 5 minutes to properly start. If you hang on a loading screen and return to the main menu, please try logging in again.
  • Occasionally the hunt board will not connect to a hunt. If this happens, please log out and log back in and try again.
  • Behemoths may occasionally walk in irregular patterns.
  • Many menus, icons, and controller support are still a work in progress. Please use mouse and keyboard when controller is not fully supported.
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