Release: CB 0.3.4 Release: CB 0.3.4
Release: CB 0.3.4

The frigid chill of Frostfall has passed and warmth has returned to Ramsgate and the Shattered Isles.

Quality of Life Improvements

  • Frostfall has come to an end and the snow has melted in Ramsgate.

  • Added new Charrogg Hammer.

  • Added a red colour to Kharabak before it enrages.

  • Fixed a bug that caused the healing pylon range to be shorter than the visual effect.

  • Fixed a bug that caused War Pike projectiles to not destroy Skraev ice spikes.

  • Made changes to Rezakiri armour to have the dye pallet fall better in-line with the Behemoth design.

  • Refactored Dazing Detonation to make it feel more balanced and less mandatory for Sword users. - Please let us know what you think of these changes!


  • Huntboard currently does not show Kharabak’s weaknesses, they are still active but just not displayed.

  • Some sword attacks may not interrupt reliably, we are looking into why this is.

  • Menus, icons, and controller support are a continued work in progress. Please use a mouse and keyboard where a controller is not fully supported. The Airship Ready Room has limited controller functionality that we are working to expand upon it in the future.

  • We’re continuing to optimize and improve performance, especially in Ramsgate. If your game is crashing while departing on a hunt or while in Ramsgate, please try lowering your graphics settings (especially resolution).

  • Do not log into Dauntless from multiple places at the same time. It will lead to account data corruption.

  • Patron boosts may be listed twice in the core opener, this is a display bug and does not mean they are applying a double boost.

  • If you are in a party and your game crashes, you will need to leave that party before you can depart on a new hunt.

  • When you salvage an item, you will need to fully exit the menus before the notes show up in your inventory.

  • When you purchase any items from the in-game store, you will need to fully exit the menus before they will show up in your inventory.

  • Founders credits are currently missing from the main menu, we are aware and are working to add this back!

  • Some Behemoths may not drop style cores, we are currently looking into why this is.

  • Behemoths may occasionally walk in irregular patterns. Fix this by slaying them.

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