Release: OB 0.9.1a Release: OB 0.9.1a
Release: OB 0.9.1a

Patch OB 0.9.1a is an interstitial patch that targets three specific crash causes.


  • Fixed a bug that caused some Slayers to crash when pressing Play on the login menu. Because of the way this fix works, you will need to reset any custom options you had previously set (e.g. audio, keybindings).

  • Fixed a bug that caused some Slayers to crash after watching an in-game video or opening the Hunt Pass menu in Ramsgate.

  • Fixed a bug where Trials Behemoths would sometimes spawn with unintentionally low power levels. Three-star scores related to this “easy mode” bug have been removed from the in-game Wall of Champions.

  • Enabling Play Together on PlayStation.


  • Boreus’ bomber minion death animations can be interrupted, causing those minions to disappear instead of exploding. Slayers should still receive the minion kill buff even if this happens.

  • Boreus minions can take longer to spawn than usual.

  • Using the Retry button in a Trial with random members may result in the player entering the trial solo if they cannot find new party members in time.

  • Purchase notifications may display the wrong item name or quantity. This should not affect the actual item or quantity rewarded.

  • The FOV slider does not correctly change the FOV.

  • We are investigating reports of PC Slayers seeing high CPU usage.

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