Release: OB 0.5.4 Release: OB 0.5.4
Release: OB 0.5.4

OB 0.5.4 delivers a polish pass on Charrogg, Pangar, Hellion, and Koshai alongside bug fixes and quality of life improvements.


  • Dauntless has upgraded to Unreal Engine version 4.19.2. This update will lead to performance improvements for players as well as faster bug fixing and iteration in the studio.

  • Added a quest that allows players to obtain a bit of free Platinum.


  • Charrogg and Firebrand Charrogg have undergone a polish pass that improves timing, damage windows, and hit boxes, and adds visible camera shake to their most powerful attacks. These Behemoths will also exhibit a new patrol personality while waiting for Slayers to initiate combat.

  • Pangar, Frostback Pangar, and Hellion have undergone a polish pass that improves attacks, physics, timing, and damage windows. Camera shake was added to a few attacks that were missing it.

  • Slayers can now interrupt Koshai’s leap attack with a well-timed attack.

  • Vines will no longer consume a bulwark tonic shield.

  • Healing orbs from transfusion grenades will now reliably and quickly home in on their target. This is a big one Goose!

  • All damage multipliers are now additive, making it easier to calculate armour, weapon, and cell effect contributions to damage output. This change also allows us to more easily and consistently tune and balance things.

  • Perfect dodge bonuses for weighted and barbed perks are now working again.

  • Improved visibility of blaze and frost status effects for Koshai. We burn so sweet.

  • Reworked the way the camera shakes during Koshai’s vine teleport attacks.

  • The war pike’s special meter damage bonus now from goes from 0% to 20% instead of -20% to 20%.

  • Axe determination damage bonus levels have been adjusted to 12.5%, 30%, and 50% (from 25%, 35%, and 50%) to more clearly follow a exponential curve.

  • Lanterns and grenades will no longer deal bonus damage to parts based on the Slayer’s weapon type.

  • Lanterns, grenades, and weapon special attacks will no longer trigger the effects of the Acidic cell.

  • Koshai has received an art polish pass, adding missing textures, assets, and colour gradients.

  • The in-game store now has its own music! This is extremely my jam.

  • Audio will more consistently and appropriately transition between menus. For example, bringing up the loadout menu will now turn down game volume.

  • Reworked the skybox to make it less resource-intensive. This should result in improved performance.

  • The Koshai lantern will now emit an audible roar when the dash ends. Lantern use immersion has increased by 23.4%.

  • Fixed a bug that caused island arrival cinematics to look blurry.

  • Fixed a bug that caused the revive prompt icon to remain on screen even after reviving.

  • Fixed an issue that prevented blaze, frost, and other elemental weapons from correctly sorting by power level.

  • Fixed a bug that caused some Slayers’ arms to bend badly when throwing up a flare. Saving bones from boneitis, one bone at a time.


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