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New to Dauntless

Camera improvements

Camera improvements

  • Camera distance is now configurable.

  • Camera view is now more consistent.

  • Vertical FOV is now static, making the horizontal FOV auto-adjust when changing the screen aspect ratio. A wider screen now just means being able to see more on either side of you.

  • Reduced the amount the FOV can be changed to 75-85°, down from 35-120°, preventing fisheye.

  • Camera distance and FOV sliders are now available on consoles.



  • You can now interact with the portal driver to view the new Ramsgate cutscene.




  • Reduced the knockback on Lesser Behemoth attacks.

  • Reduced the amount of damage it takes to stagger Lesser Behemoths.




  • Fixed a bug that prevented The Hunger from generating Special meter while in Overdrive.

  • Fixed a rare crash that could occur when using the sword.



  • Full-Bore Chamber’s projectiles no longer deal damage continuously after hitting the ground or a Behemoth.

  • Fixed a bug that could cause a crash when using the Full-Bore or Salvo chamber.



  • Fixed a bug that prevented buffering of inputs during the uppercut combo.

Quality of life



  • It’s now easier to navigate the cell list with a controller.

  • Removed the crouching animations when interacting with weapons in the Training Grounds or with vistas.

  • Reduced the range at which you can activate the ram-headbutting animation.

  • Introduced multiple improvements to localized text to prevent it from overlapping or escaping its UI elements.

  • Removed tooltips from the character creator.

Bug fixes



  • Activating Torrent Shield on a player who already has a shield now correctly applies the shield.

  • Fixed a bug where Hunt Pass bonus loot wasn’t being distributed at the end of a hunt.

  • Fixed a spot where it was possible to get stuck on the cave island.

  • Fixed a bug that could cause aether vents to appear interactable despite being depleted.

  • Fixed a bug that caused other players to render poorly at long distance while using emotes.



  • Fixed a bug where crowns might not be shown after changing instances.

  • Fixed a bug that could sometimes cause beards to be the wrong colour.

  • The music for the “Dance Crazed” emote no longer continues playing after the emote ends.

  • The paneled lantern skin’s textures are no longer brighter than intended.

  • Fixed a bug that could cause your head to vibrate.



  • Fixed a bug that prevented quest and bounty progress from displaying at the end of a hunt.

  • Fixed a bug where blocking someone didn’t remove party invites from them.

  • Fixed a bug where the background highlight didn’t follow the mouse cursor when navigating the Journal.

  • Fixed a bug that let you select weapons from the armour selection screen.

  • Fixed a bug where purchasing a flare or banner fabric from the Personality menu didn’t clear the lock icon.

  • Fixed a bug where going to the next Journal entry might not correctly reset your scroll bar.

  • Main menu tabs no longer remain highlighted when using a keyboard to navigate.

  • Fixed a bug that caused loadout options to remain highlighted after changing screens.

  • The Vault tutorial slate no longer shows when you complete the Hunt Pass intro quest.

  • Fixed a bug that could cause the background of the main menu to disappear when rapidly changing screens.

  • Fixed a bug where Thrax weapon mastery icons were displayed as Torgadoro weapons.

  • Fixed a bug that could cause the Berzerker Vision glowing eyes to appear in the background of the main menu.

  • Fixed the alignment of various UI elements and icons.



  • Improved armour clipping on Trainer Rosk at the Training Grounds.

  • Xelya’s necklace no longer breaks as she moves.

  • Improved Xelya’s armour when viewed from a distance.

Known issues

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