Frostfall Frostfall

New to Dauntless




  • Fixed a bug where Boreuses would put up their ice shields before spawning minions.



  • Fixed a bug where Hellion volcanoes would target players outside of their combat area on Hunting Grounds.



  • Improved performance during Embermane encounters.



  • Fixed a bug where the camera would flip upside down after a Malkarion tried to eat a Slayer.



  • Fixed a bug where Pangar heads would stretch.



  • Fixed a bug where a Riftstalker’s murder palace wouldn’t vanish after it fled.



  • Torgadoro grapple sync attacks can no longer down a player, activate the “From the Ashes” amp, and then kill the player again. Once is enough, Torg…



  • Koshais no longer vanish during the Melting Point island event.



  • Slaying Behemoths below your weapon level now provides less XP, but slaying Behemoths above your weapon level now provides more XP. Pick on someone your own size… or bigger.

  • Fixed a bug where Behemoths were not providing rams when slain.




  • Prisms can now be power surged.

  • Fixed a bug where the Standard Barrel couldn’t be power surged.

  • Repeaters barrels will no longer show a power score of zero when viewed on the loadout screen.

  • Repeaters barrels will no longer be listed as “Tier 0.”

  • Moved the combo exit window a little earlier in the shooting animation to allow Slayers to dodge sooner.

  • Fixed a bug where holding the attack button while at zero ammo would reload the repeaters but stop shooting.

  • Fixed a bug where players couldn’t see the Twin Suns tab on the repeaters screen while they were equipped.

  • Fixed a bug where the Dynamic Carbine barrel was overpowered when power surged.

War Pike

War Pike

  • Fixed an issue where the war pike was out of position when unsheathed on Slayers using Body Style 2.

Quality of life



  • Added an option to mark all content notifications as read. You can find it under the Gameplay section of the Options menu.

  • Changed floating XP numbers to include the word “XP.” Example: You will now see “+150 XP” instead of “+150.”

  • Supply crates now stick around much longer after being placed.

  • Added timers to island event chests in the Hunting Grounds. You can now see how much time is left before they disappear.

  • Removed platinum skip options for “First Warden’s Bryjind (II)” and “The ‘Mane Attraction (II)” rumour quests.

Bug fixes

Hunting Grounds

Hunting Grounds

  • The compass now correctly reveals Behemoths when a flare is used in their combat area.

  • Fixed a bug where Linnea would spawn halfway inside of a cliff. Ouch.

  • Fixed a bug where using supply crates while shocked would remove the crate.

  • Fixed a bug where island event chests were difficult to interact with if other players were nearby.

  • Fixed a bug where the Swarmageddon island event was not spawning swarms. That’s like its one job.

  • Fixed a few cases of infinite fall loops.

  • Fixed numerous cases of floating environment elements such as bushes and rocks.

  • Fixed a few gaps in island geometry to prevent falling through the map.

  • Fixed some areas on Hunting Grounds islands that lacked detail and appeared low-res.

  • Fixed an issue where supply crates would fall through the map.

  • Fixed a bug where island event icons were showing up during hunt arrival animations.

  • Linnea has been given a nameplate.

Slayer's Path

Slayer's Path

  • Merit and ram costs are now consistent for weapon mod and weapon special nodes.

  • Optimized the Slayer’s Path screen to improve performance; it now opens faster.

  • The first Escalation node incorrectly referred to “Easy Escalation” — this doesn’t exist and has been changed to “Normal Escalation.”

  • Island node descriptions now list the Behemoths that appear on those islands.

  • Unlocked grenades for players who had them unlocked prior to 1.5.0.

  • Made it easier to select nodes on Nintendo Switch.

  • Fixed a bug where the assault tonic’s duration bonus from Slayer’s Path wasn’t working.

  • Fixed a bug where stamina regeneration levels showed “1” at every level instead of increasing with each node unlock.

  • You can now see your current balance of merits and rams on the Slayer’s Path screen.

  • Moved the “Claim” button to better fit the UI.



  • Fixed a bug where the glider’s second node in the Slayer’s Path had better stats than the final node. The second node’s performance has been tuned down and the final node’s performance has been improved.

  • Polished player model and animations while gliding.

  • Glider stamina meter no longer remains on screen if you exit out of gliding immediately after deploying your glider.

  • Fixed a bug where if a player deployed their glider a second time in one gliding session (without touching the ground in between), the stamina meter wouldn’t appear.



  • Fixed a bug where a Slayer’s hair and clothes would flap wildly when previewing their character in store menus.

  • The Mechaetheric Technovisor now glows while its wearer is standing still.

  • Expanded dye regions for the Frostwarden armour set.



  • Fixed a bug where players were unable to view or accept early game quests after updating to 1.5.0.

  • Fixed a bug where Lady Luck would refer to the “Bright Shadows” quest, which no longer exists.

  • Fixed a bug where dealing less than 20% damage to a Behemoth would still complete that objective in “First Warden’s Bryjind” and “A Strange and Interesting Behemoth” quests.

  • Quests and rumours that require Slayers to take “less than X damage” before killing a Behemoth no longer take prior combat encounters into account.

  • Fixed a bug where interrupting a Koshai did not count toward the objective in “The ‘Mane Attraction (III)” rumour quest.

  • Threat and power levels displayed for “Spore Problems” and “Far and Away” now display 11/375 to correctly match the level/power of the actual Behemoths spawned.



  • Fixed a bug where players would receive lantern-focused bounties before they had unlocked lanterns.

  • Fixed a bug where the Discipline cell didn’t reduce the player’s health bar total on the Training Grounds.

  • Fixed a bug where the transfusion grenade’s healing orbs would seek out the wrong targets.

  • Fixed a bug where players would take more damage after chugging bulwark tonics.

  • Fixed a bug where assault tonics no longer had the correct cooldown.

  • Fixed a bug where revive icons for downed Slayers were visible when they were offscreen, but disappeared when they were in frame.



  • Reduced the amount of data being sent to the game to reduce timeouts, disconnects, and a number of other related issues.



  • Added reforge ranks to weapon menu icons on the weapon crafting screen.

  • Fixed various typos, incorrect descriptions, incorrect terminology, and missing text.

  • Fixed some cases of missing localization.

  • Fixed various cases of text breaking out of text boxes.

  • Fixed a handful of errors in the crafting menu, including incorrect power sorting, unhideable prompts, overlapping elements, and cut-off text.

  • Fixed a bug where players were still receiving party invite notifications after invites were set to blocked.

  • Fixed a bug where the quest tracker would sometimes vanish.

  • Fixed unclearable Journal notification breadcrumbs in Discoveries.

  • Removed the Elite Hunt Pass purchase button from island event and Behemoth loot screens in the Hunting Grounds.

  • Damage objective progress is now showing correctly for “The ‘Mane Attraction (VI)” and “A Strange and Interesting Behemoth (VI).”

  • Fixed an issue where purchasing an Elite Hunt Pass played the upgrade animation twice in quick succession.

  • Removed the countdown to the daily bounty token.

  • Fixed a bug where loading screens would change the game’s aspect ratio.

  • Fixed a bug where the pointer icon would become huge after unlocking a quest-directed node on the Slayer’s Path.

  • Fixed a bug where the Hunt Pass experience icon was using the Hunt Pass daily collectibles icon.

  • Fixed a bug where a broken rewards and break parts guide could show up while returning to Ramsgate.

  • Crafting and Equipment menus now correctly show the button prompts to activate legendary weapon abilities, where appropriate.

  • Fixed a bug where the escape key would not close tutorial slates.

  • Selecting “View How to Unlock” for the Clearsky Glider in the Personality menu no longer takes players to a random Slayer’s Path node.

  • Fixed a bug where the revive UI was visible during island arrivals.

  • Fixed a bug where the text above Rosk’s head was replaced with white squares.

  • Emotes can now be set immediately after purchasing them from the Personality menu.

  • Fixed a bug where some bounty cards were showing old icons for Hunt Pass XP.

  • The “Claim Bounty” button is now correctly aligned with the surrounding UI.

  • Rosk now has the weapon overview as the last option in his dialogue window instead of the first.

  • Fixed an issue where the Sparkforge had no compass icon, making it hard to find.

  • Power surged gear will now read as Tier 6 in the equipment details tab instead of displaying its original tier.

  • Armour in crafting menus is now sorted by resistance.

  • Removed references to old quests in Escalation text.

  • Fixed a bug where the former Hunt Pass Chronicles section was missing from the Journal.

  • Fixed a bug where players could not scroll right on loot screens.



  • Fixed a bug where a Behemoth’s flee audio would play in the Hunting Grounds.

  • Fixed a bug where the music in Hunting Grounds was way too loud. We apologize to your ears.

  • Fixed a bug where audio cues wouldn’t play when holding down the craft button.

  • Fixed long pauses between Behemoth music during island events.

  • Reduced the volume of environmental sounds in Hunting Grounds.

  • Lowered the shocknado (yes, that’s what we call it) audio during combat.



  • Fixed a bug where Tragic Echo’s effect would end and players could still move if they had mounted a Behemoth.

  • Pulled back the camera on gliders in the store.

  • Fixed a bug where players were stretching when performing a dodge roll.

  • Fixed a bug where characters were always looking to one side. We will never know what they were truly seeing.

  • Fixed a bug where the Daily Login Core was granting double the intended number of patrol keys.

  • Fixed a bug where the Gone Fishing emote’s fishing pole appeared out of place for one frame during its preview. That one frame annoyed an animator so much that it had to be fixed.

Known issues

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