Release: OB 0.6.9 Release: OB 0.6.9
Release: OB 0.6.9

OB 0.6.9 kicks off Hunt Pass: Overgrowth, unleashes Boreus on the Maelstrom, introduces a new loadout screen, and revamps the hammer.


  • The Dreadfrost Boreus has made its chilling presence known in the Maelstrom. But where is this Dire’s lesser counterpart? Theories abound, but only one thing is certain: It needs slaying. Round up your toughest team and your strongest gear. This one doesn’t fight alone. Learn more about the Boreus on the Dauntless blog.

  • Slayers who face the Boreus in combat will gain access to its weapons, armour, and a new repeater prism. Use them wisely.

  • New Iceborn cells are now (officially) available. Equip them to earn the Iceborn perk, which grants increased defense when your health gets low. Higher levels of this perk grant life steal.

  • The rose-coloured days of Saint’s Bond are over, replaced by rain and a sudden surge of plant life. Gregario has responded as only he can – with the all-new Hunt Pass: Overgrowth. [Read the Season 3 blog for all the details.] It’s got what plants crave.

  • As part of the continuing UI overhaul, a new loadout screen has been added to Dauntless! Learn all about the ins and outs in our recent blog post and be sure to let us know how it feels. We will continue to update and improve it going forward.

  • The citizens of Ramsgate have decided to retire notes (currency). We will be replacing notes with a new, coin-based currency: Rams. Slayers’ existing notes will be exchanged for Rams at a 1:1 rate. (If you have 500 notes, you’ll get 500 Rams.) Please note that there may be places that they are still referred to as Notes, some people are having a hard time adjusting.

  • Keeping in line with our ongoing combat revamp, we’ve replaced the existing hammer’s combo finisher, Concussive Aether blast, with a new and monstrous Aetherslam. Try it out, score some aetherslams, and and jam on over to the Dauntless forums to let us know how it feels. We’ll be working on more weapons and changes in the next few patches.


  • Aetherslam
    • Hammer’s Concussive Aether combo finisher has been replaced with the Aetherslam.
    • To perform an Aetherslam, press (default) RMB/Y at the end of any Hammer Strikes combo.
    • Aetherslam is a powerful overhead strike that deals damage directly to the target and expends the entire hammer clip to create a wave of explosions that deal additional damage.
    • Striking directly with the Aetherslam will also completely reload your clip with Aethercharged ammo – a new, empowered ammo type.
    • Aetherslam may be performed even when the clip is empty, but no explosions will be created. (Doing so still confers the benefit of the direct-damage reload.)
    • Aethercharged ammo improves the damage and stagger benefits of all ammo-based attacks, including Concussive Aether (standing), Evasive Blasts, Primed Attacks, and Aetherslam explosions.
  • Concussive Aether
    • The standing version of Concussive Aether (default RMB/Y) has been reworked.
    • Players may now hold down the (default) RMB/Y buttons to charge the hammer’s Concussive Aether, loading multiple shells in from the clip over time.
    • Releasing the held button will immediately fire all loaded shells, dealing damage and interrupting Behemoths where applicable.
    • Loading more shells increases both the damage and range of this attack.
    • Starting this attack will now align the hammer muzzle with the camera face direction, allowing for quicker turns and interrupt set-ups.
    • While charging, the player can aim the direction of the blast by adjusting the camera direction.
    • Concussive Aether will fire automatically if all remaining ammo is loaded.
    • Concussive Aether can be cancelled by rolling, refunding the loaded ammo.
  • “Bad Ammo”
    • Prior to this patch, players would receive “bad ammo” when failing an active reload or letting the reload expire. This has been removed.
    • There is now only “good ammo” (non-Aethercharged ammo) and Aethercharged ammo.
    • The time penalty for failing an active reload or letting it expire has not changed.


  • The Molten Heart buff pickup vfx will no longer appear to fade away before the actual pickup object expires.

  • Inspiring Pylon text has been changed to clarify its effect. It increases damage done by Slayers; not damage done to Slayers.

  • When interacting with the Middleman, you can now click to select a cell and click again to deselect a cell. This eliminates the need to choose a different cell in order to remove the original.

  • The hammer’s model should now more accurately show how much ammo is left in the hammer’s clip.

  • Fixed a bug that made it difficult for gamepad-using Slayers to dye their gear.

  • Finished removing the Inventory screen. Cell dusting is now accessible exclusively through the Middleman.

  • Gear and power levels will now correctly update after upgrading gear.

  • Fixed a bug that prevented Slayers from upgrading a piece of gear twice in a row. Slayers should no longer have to select an unrelated piece of gear before returning to the piece they want to upgrade.

  • Fixed a bug that could cause Slayers with large noses to clip through the Savant’s Hood. A great nose may be the index of a great soul.

  • Slayers will no longer be plagued by Xelya’s whispers when they spawn into the city of Ramsgate.

  • Fixed a bug that could cause the Middleman’s cell exchange to enter a weird state if Slayers exited in the middle of a button press.

  • The Ostian repeaters can now be transmogged!

  • Fixed a bug that caused gamepads to skip over the loadout button in the main menu.

  • Fixed a bug where equipped items could not be selected in the smiths’ upgrade menus.

  • Fixed an issue where primed hammer attacks were taking the next shell’s ammo quality instead of the current one. In cases where it was your last shell, you’d gain no bonus to priming.

  • Polished shock and blaze VFX.

  • Fixed a bug where hammer clips would not display correctly if the hammer was transmogged to one with a different clip.

  • Improved the cell dusting flow, fixed some assorted bugs, and improved overall functionality. In tandem with this, we’ve reworked the Aetherdust Received screen to be less intrusive after dusting a cell.

  • Increased oomph-ness for flare explosion sound effects. OOOMPH.

  • Added a new pop-up to inform Slayers that transmogging will consume a transmog stone if they are not transmogging to a cosmetic skin.

  • Backing out of the dye or transmog panel in the loadout menu will now revert any unsaved changes.

  • Fixed a bug that could prevent Razer Chroma keybindings from displaying properly.

  • Fixed a bug that could cause transmogs to fail.

  • Visual obstruction from explosion VFX has been reduced, and smoke will disappear more quickly as it gets closer to the camera. Both of these changes should improve overall visibility.

  • Behemoths’ elemental resistances (weak/strong) should now be visible in the airship ready room.

  • Nayzaga and Ramsguard Scout gear will now be affected by movement physics. Reduced starch application by 50%.

  • Added a first iteration of rumble to gamepads. You may feel a tremor when you hit or get hit. Please note this is still in development and may have some bugs. If you encounter any, please let us know!


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