Release: OB 0.5.2 Release: OB 0.5.2
Release: OB 0.5.2

OB 0.5.2 is a quality of life improvement patch deployed to introduce balance changes and resolve bugs that have been affecting players.

New to Dauntless

  • City banners have been added to Ramsgate! These will allow you and all the members of your hunting party to see their personal banners displayed across town. Put those default designs away and step your banner game up! All of Ramsgate is watching.

  • New cosmetic offerings inspired by the Ostians and heroes of Ramsgate have been added to the in-game store.

New Cosmetic Offerings

Combat and Balance

  • Koshai changes:

    • All vines on the field will now clear after breaking Koshai’s antlers.
    • Reduced vine pod health by 10%.
    • Reduced the damage zone of the underground leap attack.
    • Removed damage from Koshai’s backward reposition movement.
    • Koshai’s shield will now block the Godhand laser.
    • Vines now have a limit for damage numbers and sound effects so that players aren’t overwhelmed when using fast hitting attacks.
    • Fixed an issue where Koshai would perform tail swipes more often than intended.
    • Camera shake will now better telegraph where Koshai’s underground leap attack is coming from.
    • Koshai should now stay staggered for longer and play the correct animation.
    • Blaze and Frost aether effects will now display correctly when applied to Koshai.
    • Added extra time to Koshai’s hail of thorns interrupt animation.
  • Bloodfire Embermane’s interrupt stagger has been extended to allow Slayers to do more damage.

  • The Hunger will now correctly deal between 0% and 25% increased damage as the meter fills.

  • Grenades are now able to hit and damage vine pods.

  • Players can no longer walk through Skraev’s ice walls. Talk about your cold shoulder…

  • Cell/weapon conditional buffs with durations (perfect dodge, Embermaul, etc.) will now activate every time their condition is met. Buffs will correctly refresh instead of invisibly stacking.

  • The Pangar lantern tap ability now restores 25% of maximum stamina instead of a set 25 stamina.

  • Hammer players can now reliably perform blast dodges after dodge rolling.

  • Godhand’s laser special attack will now destroy vines and pods.

  • The deconstruction perk will now work on vines.

  • Damage from the Godhand beam will now properly deal damage to overlapping parts on Behemoths.

  • The Godhand beam can now laser off Behemoth tails. Watch the tail!

Quality of Life

  • Damage while moving in thorns can now be mitigated through armour and defense buffs like Ironhide Pylon. This change also means that your gear will directly affect how much damage you receive. Pain in my neck, thorn in my side.

  • Thorn damage done to players has been reduced by nearly half.

  • When attacking the vine pod, impact and sound effects will play as intended.

  • Slayers can no longer use a tonic while that tonic’s effect is already active. In some cases, this was causing the second tonic to get used without a benefit.

  • Reworked and improved the VFX on Hellion’s Blaze Orbs.

  • Decreased the duration of the End of Hunt screen and the length of introduction sequence to help players get in and out of hunts quicker.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug where attack speed buffs were not applied to the second half of primed hammer swings.

  • Fixed a few bugs that could cause transparency and clipping issues on chest armours.

  • Fixed a bug that could result in equipped gear being automatically upgraded upon opening a weaponsmith or armoursmith menu.

  • Fixed a bug that caused Koshai’s lantern tap ability VFX to pop after the effect ended.


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