Release: 1.1.4 Release: 1.1.4
Release: 1.1.4

1.1.4 is a quality of life patch that squashes some annoying bugs, and brings back Trials Leaderboards.



  • Return of the leaderboards. Sword’s Avenging Overdrive special no longer grants infinite attack speed. Trials leaderboards will be re-enabled after this patch deploys.

  • Hover with confidence. Selecting a hunt is no longer overridden by hovering another hunt. This particularly frustrating bug was causing Slayers to head out on hunts other than the one they had intended.

  • Hammer boops are back. Hammer’s Concussive Salvo (alternate fire) blast wasn’t correctly applying damage and interrupts. Now it does!

  • No more forever shooting. Opening UI screens (e.g. chat) while in attack/special no longer locks you into attacks or specials indefinitely.

  • Hunt resistances fixed. On patrols, the airship no longer shows elemental resistances for the incorrect element.

  • Skarn prism fixed. Stoneheart Prism (repeater part) power has been restored. It will now count correctly toward power totals, instead of remaining at zero.

  • Hero’s Call fixed. Hero’s Call amp now activates correctly.

  • Tactician’s Magazine fixed. Tactician’s Magazine mod now correctly applies the 4-second cooldown reduction.

Quality of Life

  • Fixed sorting on eye colour and hair tint selection.
  • Malkarion banner standard’s name now displays correctly as “Malevolent Flagstaff.”
  • Feminine Hexagonal Crash aetherpunk leg armour has improved VFX and model.
  • Feminine Master’s Tunic armour transmog is no longer missing tattoos.
  • Masculine Master’s Tunic armour transmog no longer has incorrect skin tones.
  • Hexagonal Crash aetherpunk leg armour no longer loses its VFX during hunts.
  • Master’s Helm now displays correctly on Nintendo Switch.
  • Players can now claim the Malkarion armour transmog from Escalation talent tree.
  • Crafting Malkarion equipment at +10 no longer temporarily shows it as +1 in the crafting menu.
  • The lower half of the Admiral Zai’s repeater crafting menu is clickable again.
  • Fixed various text and localization errors.
  • Eliminated some rare crashes and disconnects.


  • Reduced CPU usage for the Fiery Helm (Embermane helm).
  • Improved general performance on consoles, and specifically during hunts on Nintendo Switch.
  • Decreased CPU usage for Shrowd and Riftstalker clones.
  • Optimized game servers.


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