Release: 1.0.0 Release: 1.0.0
Release: 1.0.0

Patch 1.0.0 delivers Dauntless into a full release and brings with it the aether strikers, Tempestborne Stormclaw, a new Hunt Pass (Aether Unbound: Way of the Fist), an all-new Bounty system, and a ton of bug fixes and quality of life improvements.


  • New weapon. The aether strikers are a pugilist’s weapon and the latest to join the Slayer arsenal. Learn more on the Dauntless blog.

  • Bounty system. Take advantage of a new, more flexible way to earn Hunt Pass experience. This feature replaces weekly challenges and the Hunt Pass break part system. Learn more on the Dauntless blog.

  • New Dire Behemoth. Tempestborne Stormclaw has arrived in the Shattered Isles, wreaking havoc with its powerful storms. Look for the newest Dire on the Hunt Board.

  • New Hunt Pass. A new season begins, and a new Hunt Pass follows.Prepare to unleash your inner power in Aether Unbound: Way of the Fist. Learn more on the Dauntless blog.

  • Twin Suns Mastery. The Twin Suns exotic repeaters now have an official Mastery card. Open up your Mastery menu (‘N’ on PC) to see what challenges await.

  • Skip scene. Not interested in watching a cutscene? Slayers will now see an on-screen option to skip past cinematic scenes.

  • Aether strikers quest. New weapon. New quest. You’ll get this one around the same time you pick up your first repeaters quest for Janek Zai.

  • A friendly excursion. Also new on the quest front is “Friends Indeed,” a limited-time quest that challenges Slayers to hunt with their friends and earn exclusive dyes. Be sure to complete it before time runs out!


  • Behemoth max health will now adjust if someone disconnects from your hunt. This adjustment also accounts for the Behemoth’s current health, adjusting it according to the current % missing. We have also added a notification that pops up in chat when a Slayer disconnects.

  • Broken Behemoth parts no longer have a chance to drop Hunt Pass experience. Instead, Slayers have a chance to find Bounty Tokens upon the successful completion of a hunt.

  • Added all Heroic Behemoths to the Heroic+ Patrol queue. This should help patrolling Slayers who were constantly seeing the same Behemoths.

  • Removed the 0.5 second interaction delay that was built in to crafting and gathering. Both of these actions should now go more quickly.

  • Reflecting a shock orb back at a Stormclaw will now trigger an audio confirmation. The sweet sound of success.


  • Polished Shrowd’s nearsighted VFX.

  • Reduced the intensity of water ripples for players who are stationary in water.

  • Added an entirely new armour hiding system that should prevent most clipping between assorted arm and chest pieces. This means that you should no longer see your Gnasher chestplate clipping into your Boreus gloves. We are continuing to work on reducing clipping between armour pieces and will have more updated in an upcoming release.

  • Updated the loading screen for Aether Unbound.

  • Adjusted a number of emotes so that they play more accurately for Slayers using the feminine body type.

  • Added new status effect icons for Valomyr weapons, Hellion and Molten buffs, and the Shellshocked stamina debuff.

  • Tweaked the lighting on the Loadout screen, reducing the overwhelming brightness that appeared in some circumstances.


  • Improved performance in Ramsgate.

  • Improved performance on islands.

  • Reduced the size of videos that play in Ramsgate. They will now load faster and take up less space.

  • Removed ambient lighting from lanterns. This should improve performance in the short term while we look for a more lasting solution.

  • Improved performance on Riftstalker portal spawns.

  • Improved performance on frost grenades.

  • Improved performance in situations where a team member uses the war pike Savage Wellspring special.


  • Updated some quest text and NPC descriptions in order to improve accuracy.

  • Previewing transmogs in the Loadout screen will now display the name of the transmog you have highlighted.

  • Improved consistency across all menus so that Slayers can see (1) how many reagents they need to craft items and (b) how many reagents they currently possess.

  • Added new categories to the store so that Slayers can more quickly locate the items that they’re looking for.

  • Items that are on sale in the store will now show (1) a discount percentage and (2) their regular (non-sale) price. This should help mitigate confusion about pricing.

  • Improved exotic gear visibility in the crafting menu. Exotics will now stand out a bit more, making them more obvious to Slayers who may have missed the unlock notice.

  • The My Cells menu at the Middleman will now show all cells – not just unequipped cells. Slayers will also get a new confirmation pop-up if they try to break down or upgrade a cell that is currently infused in gear.

  • All schematic unlocks (consumables, weapon parts/mods, grenades, lanterns) obtained via quests are now displayed under “Rewards” in the quest UI.

  • Updated the Elite Track bonuses section of the Hunt Pass to make it clearer and easier to read.

  • Repositioned flare and banner animations on both the Hunt Pass and Personality screens, making them more visible.

  • PC Slayers can now purchase loadout slots by clicking on them (instead of pressing the “Buy” button).


  • Fixed a bug where players could unintentionally climb on Hellion volcanoes. Mt St. Hellion is closed for the season.

  • Fixed a bug where changing a repeater barrel on the airship did not actually change it on your weapon, unintentionally resulting in a Slayer bringing the wrong barrel to a hunt.

  • Fixed a bug where Wils Bormen could sometimes appear shirtless. Stupid, sexy Wils.

  • Fixed a bug where Slayers were unable to pet Bruna, the dog by the Trials board. Bug priority: CRITICAL.

  • Fixed a bug where other players’ collision could block your camera.

  • Fixed a bug where players could appear to be falling while in the airship lobby. Who’s flying this thing?!

  • Fixed a bug that caused unavailable face paints to show up in the character creator.

  • Fixed a bug in the transmog screen where the wrong transmog would be unlocked or applied if it was not the first transmog you selected. The highlighted transmog is now always selected when applying or unlocking a transmog.

  • Fixed a bug where Stormclaw weapons (sword, chain blades, axe, pike) were not gaining meter as intended.

  • Fixed a bug that caused the sword’s Valiant Overdrive slicers to trigger an overly intense camera shake on impact with a Behemoth.

  • Aetherdust totals should now correctly and instantly update after dismantling a cell. You no longer need to leave the Middleman and return to see your correct total.

  • Fixed a bug where the Twin Suns (exotic repeaters) weren’t showing up in weapon previews (e.g. crafting screens) unless they were equipped.

  • Fixed a bug where the sword’s Valiant Overdrive activation icon could appear in a half-lit/dim state if its dash was on cooldown when the meter expired.

  • Fixed a bug where the button prompt to pet Max and Bruna said it required a hold when, in fact, it only needed a press. Gentle now.

  • Fixed a bug that caused Skraev weapon mines to spawn directly on the ground instead of spreading out.

  • Fixed a couple of helmets that were failing to contain Slayer hair.

  • Fixed a bug where players could stagger Boreus’ bomber minions out of their death explosions.

  • Fixed a bug where airship power ratings could show up red, even if you exceeded the recommended stats.

  • Fixed a bug where Slayers could get stuck in the Help menu when using a controller.

  • Fixed a bug where FOV changes would not apply until the next time a Slayer arrived in Ramsgate or embarked on a hunt.

  • Fixed a bug where, when experiencing both lag and packet loss, players could get into a state where they were able to spam Flight of Ruin. Endlessly.

  • Fixed a bug where skin could clip through the sleeves of the Dark Marrow (Shrowd) chest armour.

  • Fixed a bug where especially robust facial hair could clip through Boreus’ helmet. Beard grooming leveled up!

  • Fixed some typos and cleaned up some grammar.

  • Sheathing chain blades in the Loadout screen will no longer cause them to spin through the player.

  • Fixed a bunch of miscellaneous bugs with clipping and floating objects.

  • Fixed a bug that caused the Middleman to stay in focus when interacting with his menu. He will now correctly blur into the background.

  • Armour stats will now correctly and immediately refresh after upgrading items in a crafting menu. (You no longer need to exit the crafting screen in order to see the correct stats.)

  • Fixed a bug where the Logging Out emote could cause its user to tumble into the ground.

  • Fixed an issue with missing repeater parts descriptions. They will now appear in all places where they are meant to appear. Where is that, again?

  • Fixed a bug where Rezakiri’s beams failed to penetrate its radiant jail. Slayers caught in radiant jails can now be damaged by these beams.

  • Fixed a couple of infrequent crashes.

  • Fixed a bug where Skraev was repositioning too often.

  • Fixed a bug where Slayers who were downed at the end of a hunt were not showing up on the End of Hunt screen.

  • Fixed a bug where players could get stuck in a running state at the end of a hunt. Modern talking, modern walking in the streets.

  • Fixed a bug where aether vents could spawn below ground in some areas, making them difficult to see.

  • Fixed a few bugs that could cause weirdness with Hunt Pass previews (e.g. beards poking through helmets).

  • Fixed a bug that was causing the “all Slayers critically injured” warning text to flicker erratically.

  • Fixed a bug that allowed Kharabak’s swarm to interrupt Slayers performing super-armoured attacks (e.g. level three axe charge).

  • Fixed a bug that caused banner and flare previews (Store, Hunt Pass) to remain on-screen even after moving to a new item.

  • Fixed a bug that allowed two weapons to be selected simultaneously when switching tabs in the Weaponsmith menu.

  • Fixed a bug where skipping too quickly through the End of Hunt screen could cause an empty rewards screen to display. This was a visual bug only.

  • Fixed a bug that could cause flask consumption to hitch when hunting on the Island of Trials.

  • Fixed a bug that could cause arrival animations to play backwards or appear to be floating.

  • Fixed a bug that could cause the screen to flash during cinematics.

  • Fixed a bug that could prevent the countdown timer from displaying on the Trials End of Hunt screen.

  • Fixed a bug where certain hairstyles could stretch and pixelate during the opening cinematic. Wild.

  • Fixed a bug where the character model could stretch and distort when choosing Randomize in the character creator.

  • Fixed a bug where some non-English languages could stretch too far into the UI.


  • Staggering Valomyr will now clear all active drones and galaxy orbs. Valomyr’s stagger thresholds have been gently increased to compensate for this change.

  • Removed the damage threshold from Koshai’s interrupt. Any attack made while it is interruptible should now interrupt.

  • Skraev weapons now all drop 1/2/3 mines (instead of sometimes dropping 2/4/6). Mine damage has also been reduced to 300 (from 600) in order to match the numbers reflected in the weapon descriptions.


  • Standard Attacks

    • Damage per hammer swing reduced by 30 (25 for Repeating Uppercuts).
  • Aetherslam

    • Direct hit damage reduced to 400 (from 450).

    • Per AoE damage reduced to 150 (from 175).


  • Swinging Blades and Blade Spin

    • Per hit damage from the Chain Throw (Y/RMB/Triangle) portion of these attacks increased to 55 (from 40).


  • Physical Attacks (X/LMB/Square)

    • Per hit damage increased by 10 (5 for Repeating Elements).
  • Elemental Attacks (Y/RMB/Triangle)

    • Per hit damage increased by 15.


  • Piercing Flurry

    • Damage from the first four Piercing Flurry (X/LMB/Square) combos now scales from 100 to 150 (previously flat 100).

    • Per hit damage from the final, held Piercing Flurry (X/LMB/Square) combo increased to 75 (from 60). The innate wound damage from this attack has been reduced by 10 to compensate for this change (total wound increased).

  • Aether Harvest

    • Damage from the “Big Hit” portion of the three Aether Harvest (Y/RMB/Triangle) combos now scales from 130 to 200 (previously flat 120).

    • Damage from the “Small Hit” portion of the 3 Aether Harvest (Y/RMB/Triangle) combos now scales from 70 to 90 (previously 60/60/80).


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