Release: OB 0.7.2 Release: OB 0.7.2
Release: OB 0.7.2

Patch OB 0.7.2 follows up the recent Path of the Slayer update with bug fixes and quality of life improvements, including changes to Heroic+ Patrols.


  • Heroic+ Patrol Changes:

    • Heroic+ Patrols are no longer time-gated, can be farmed repeatedly, and correctly benefit from daily Patrol Chest bonuses. This means that Slayers will be able to collect as much Peerless Arcstone as they desire.

    • Heroic+ recipe costs have increased to balance out the removal of Heroic+ Patrol time gates.

  • Fixed a bug where some video options wouldn’t save after being modified.

  • Fixed a bug where a small subset of users were blocked from unlocking repeaters and grenades after the latest update.

  • Fixed a couple of crashes that were introduced in the last update.

  • Improved server performance.

  • Fixed a bug where changing a weapon special while on the airship could cause that special to be removed from the weapon, breaking some weapon functionality.

  • Reverted gear cell slots to their previous state. They should now match the cell slots available on pre-0.7.1 Dire gear. As part of this change, any cells that were slotted incorrectly have been removed and returned to the inventory.

  • Fixed a bug where some players could get blocked when trying to reach the 400 gear score quest requirement. The requirement for this quest will now be 380 gear score. Players will be able to reach it without collecting Heroic break parts.

  • Fixed a bug where some Slayers couldn’t unlock Hunt Pass weeklies after resetting their character. In tandem with this, the weeklies that previously couldn’t be completed can now be completed (Blaze Patrols, etc).

  • Fixed a bug where Slayers wouldn’t connect to guild chat when they connected to party/city chat.

  • Fixed a bug where Slayers doing patrols could repeatedly run into the same Behemoths.

  • Fixed a bug where Hunt Pass break parts values weren’t scaling up with difficulty. Slayers should now receive the correct number of arid shards when scoring a Hunt Pass break part.

    • Threat Level 0-2 will get 6 XP per arid shard

    • Threat Level 3-7 will get 12 XP per arid shard.

    • Threat Level 8-12 will get 18 XP per arid shard.

    • Threat Level 13-16 will get 24 XP per arid shard.

    • Threat Level 17+ will get 30 XP per arid shard.


  • Some armour and weapon pieces (including repeater barrels) were unexpectedly downgraded with Patch OB 0.7.1. We are working on a plan to grant Arcstone, Orbs, and Rams to affected Slayers so that they can get back to where they were before the patch.

  • All currently known issues can be found on the forums.

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