Patch 1.5.2 Patch 1.5.2
Patch 1.5.2

New to Dauntless

Quality of life



  • Adjusted level of detail on props and reduced shadow casting in order to improve performance in Ramsgate.

  • Disabled the blizzard atmosphere in snowy biomes due to performance issues. We will enable it again once we optimize it further.

  • Fixed an occasional crash on Nintendo Switch that occurred when closing the Slayer’s Path screen.

  • Reduced draw distance for foliage on Nintendo Switch to improve performance.



  • Shortened lantern HUD animations to improve visibility with fast lantern-charging builds.

  • Behemoth portraits on the Hunt Map, Slayer’s Path, and airship lobby screens will now display their element.

  • The XP bar at the bottom of the HUD will now be less opaque when it’s not actively progressing.

  • Power values on the inventory screen now correctly reflect power bonuses unlocked on the Slayer’s Path.

  • The Hunt Map layout has been improved. It now shows more important information when choosing an island in the Hunting Grounds and displays more in-depth island difficulty and weapon breakdowns.

  • The difficulty colours in the Hunt Map have been changed.
    - Easy is now green.
    - Normal is now yellow.
    - Hard is now orange.
    - Very hard is now red.
    - Too hard is now purple.

  • Polished elements of the Slayer’s Path design such as borders, color, opacity, and VFX.

  • Changed various instances of “Start Hunt” and “Abandon Hunt” text to “Call Airship” and “Cancel Airship” instead.

  • A notification will now show in the menu when players unlock a Slayer’s Path milestone.

  • Updated Escalation’s end of hunt screen to better reflect Hunt Pass rewards and progress.

  • Adjusted various story quests’ challenge ratings to better reflect their difficulty.



No more missing pages! Starting in 1.5.2, you will no longer be able to miss journal entries. We’ve also made it possible to unlock any past entries you missed, so you can bring your collection back to 100%.

  • Light in the Ruins — Complete Umbral Escalation (Normal)

  • In Portal Danger — Complete Umbral Escalation (Normal)

  • What Evil Lurks — Complete Umbral Escalation (Hard)

  • The Lethal Opposition — Interact with the Portal Driver

  • To Drive the Portal Driver! — Interact with the Portal Driver

  • A Voice from the Void — Interact with the Portal Driver

  • The Space in Between — Interact with the Portal Driver

  • Ramsgate Reborn — Interact with the Portal Driver

  • Shadow Play — Interact with the Portal Driver

  • Undergrowth — Complete “Far and Away” (Mission)

  • Homeward Bound — Complete “Spore Problems” (Mission)



  • Added “The Treasure Patrol” quest to introduce players to patrol chests and keys. Talk to Gregario to find out more!

  • Added a tutorial pop-up for patrol chests and keys.

  • Added a tutorial pop-up explaining reforging to returning players.

  • Made sand and snow sparkle effects less intense.




  • The alchemy quests “For Your Health” and “Medicinal Purposes” will now award 500 rams, 5 exploration merits, and 5 combat merits each.



  • Reduced the number of aethersparks rewarded by patrol chests and public events.

  • Only the last wave of an island event will drop aethersparks now.

Bug fixes



  • Fixed a bug where Valomyr horns were unbreakable.



  • The Rockfall Skarn Whirling Fortress attack now damages players consistently.



  • Repeaters shots are now able to free frozen players.



  • Collisions with other players are now more forgiving.

  • The Tier 3 glider no longer loses speed when pitching up.

  • Fixed a bug where players couldn’t purchase tonics with rams.

  • Fixed a bug where assault tonics weren’t working.

  • The visual effect for the Weak Spot mod will now appear on a Behemoth’s head rather than its base.

  • Fixed inconsistent costs on various Slayer’s Path nodes.

  • Koshai and Shrike lantern crafting now correctly unlocks when their nodes are unlocked on the Slayer’s Path.

  • Fixed a bug where the last healing flask upgrade on the Slayer’s Path didn’t increase a player’s maximum capacity.

  • Concussive grenade crafting is now correctly unlocked when its node is unlocked on the Slayer’s Path.



  • Slayers who have maxed their talent points in an Escalation will no longer earn charged aether when breaking parts; they will receive extra Behemoth parts instead.

  • Fixed a bug in Blaze Escalation where players were falling off the map while using the jump vent between arena three and four.



  • Fixed a bug where the “Guns of Ostigaard” quest wasn’t progressing.

  • Fixed a bug where Valomyr break part objectives weren’t progressing in “The Hidden Visage IV” rumour quest.

  • Fixed a bug where Koshai interrupts weren’t counting toward objectives in the “The ‘Mane Attraction III” rumour quest.

  • The “Looking Radiant” and “Curse the Darkness” quests have been re-enabled and can be accepted after reaching Slayer’s Path Milestone VI, allowing players to acquire their repeater part rewards again.



  • Your weapon level is now always visible on islands.

  • Your level will now display the correct number if you level up while on an island.

  • Fixed a bug where new players could not see incoming friend request notifications.

  • Fixed a bug that would show a pending invite notification even if the player had none.

  • Island event HUD overlays will now appear and disappear as intended.

  • The +40 health indicator from Fortress will no longer overlap your total health number.

  • Fixed a bug where Behemoth icons would display as question marks on the HUD.

  • The island event countdown timer will no longer display a negative time.

  • The glowing animation that plays on the Lantern HUD when a lantern is fully charged will no longer get cut off on the left and right sides.

  • Fixed a bug where changing the Slayer’s Path hotkey in the bindings menu did not work.

  • Fixed a bug where the Danger Meter was showing in the Training Grounds.

  • Fixed a bug where crafting parts for repeaters were not displaying properly in the crafting menu.

  • Fixed a bug where lanterns were not displaying properly in the crafting menu.

  • Viewing a vista point while in a party will no longer show party members’ health bars.

  • Warden’s Wishes are no longer missing when an Event Pass is active.

  • The “already owned” marker will now display on Event Passes players own.

  • Completed Event Passes will no longer show progress bars.

  • NPCs no longer suggest a donation in lieu of completing objectives on unskippable quests.

  • Fixed various instances of text flowing outside of containers.

  • Fixed various localization errors.



  • Fixed a bug where the player’s hair would clip through helmets when equipping them from the armour crafting menu.



  • Fixed various environmental bugs and oddities such as floating rocks, floating and clipping foliage, and invisible walls.

Known issues

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