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Infinite Radiance

New to Dauntless



  • Added the Silver Tonic Pack to the Lucky Break store for 150 steel marks which contains 25 aetherdrive tonics, 25 frenzy tonics, and 25 blitz tonics.

  • Added the Gold Tonic Pack to the Lucky Break store for 150 gilded marks which contains 50 aetherdrive tonics, 50 frenzy tonics, and 50 blitz tonics.

  • We have upgraded our internal anti-cheat tools. It will now be easier to verify suspicious times on Trials leaderboards and ban cheaters. Because of this, players will now require Windows 7 or later to play on PC.




  • Sporestruck Charrogg poison vents no longer stagger Slayers on hit.

  • Reduced the number of poison pools generated during Sporestruck Charroggs’ spore shot move.



  • Added an interrupt window to the end of Deepfrost Embermanes’ roll attack.

War Pike

War Pike

We heard your feedback that the war pike felt underwhelming compared to other weapons, and we wanted to change that. The war pike has received updates to its base mechanics, mods, and specials, along with a new type of dodge, making it more exciting and competitive.

  • Dodge has a new unique animation, which travels farther and can be used to jump over small ledges.

  • Taking damage no longer reduces the special meter charge.

  • Slowed the rate of decay on the special meter.

  • The special meter charge level no longer increases damage dealt.

  • Retuned damage for all basic attacks to increase overall damage output.

  • Piercing Flurry no longer consumes stamina.

  • Piercing attacks generate 2% of the special meter per hit, harvesting attacks generate 7%.

  • Ammo now only has four levels of quality (1/2/3/4) based on meter threshold when stored (10%/33%/66%/90%).

  • Piercing attacks now deal 100% of base damage as part damage and 133% of base damage as wound damage.

  • The Munitions Amplifier mod now provides an additional 25% quality to stored ammo.

  • The Savage Wellspring special now has a fixed duration of 10 seconds.

  • Ammo quality now affects the amount of critical chance for Savage Wellspring, up to 30%.

  • Decreased the Concussive Payload aim time by 15%.

  • The lunge from the Pike Charge now interrupts.

  • The Pike Charge lunge base damage has increased to 250 (from 210).

  • The Pike Charge lunge now triggers more consistently.

  • The HUD meter now has threshold markings; ammo icon art has been updated, making it easier to distinguish between different ammo quality levels.



The wounding system has been reimagined, with better visibility in-game and a bigger impact on combat. We wanted to decouple the system from part breaks and make it a combat mechanic that stands on its own, like staggering Behemoths.

  • Striking a wounded part no longer deals increased part damage.

  • When a part is wounded, it will remain in that state for 15 seconds.

  • Wounded parts have new VFX that show aether leaking from the wound.

  • Parts can be wounded even if they have already been broken, and breaking a part while it is wounded will not end the wounded state.

  • The player who wounds a part will enter an aether rush state, gaining +15% damage, attack speed, movement speed, and stamina regeneration for 20 seconds.

  • Other players can enter aether rush by dealing 1,500 damage to wounded parts. This damage can be split over multiple wounded parts.

  • If a player enters aether rush while it is already active, its duration will be refreshed.

Bug fixes



  • All sources of incoming healing are now properly affected by the Healing Boost nodes in the Slayer’s Path (now applied to Assassin’s Vigour, Stunning Vigour, and Vampiric cells in particular).

Hunting Grounds

Hunting Grounds

  • Fixed a bug where players could hear Sporestruck Embermanes’ audio from across the map.



  • Fixed a bug where some players couldn’t hear the Pufflepoppers (repeaters skin) audio. Bask in its glory, Slayer.

  • Heartfire cosmetics’ visual effects will now appear correctly.

  • Fixed a bug where the rocks in the Rocky Rest emote’s store preview would not rotate.



  • Fixed an issue where players could spawn inside a mountain after falling off a cliff in the Hunting Grounds.

  • Fixed a hole in the ground on the Hades Reach map.

  • Improved Behemoth spawn locations in Hades Reach so that they don’t spawn inside of terrain.

  • Fixed an issue where some jump vents would trigger unprompted movements after landing.



  • Fixed a bug where players would get stuck in the kneeling position if multiple players were reforging their weapons at the same time.



  • Shrowd clones no longer count towards “kill x Behemoths” quest requirements.

  • Slaying a Scorchstone Hellion now consistently counts towards the Wildfire rumour quest.



  • Recommended power and resistance for hunts will now correctly factor in any power bonuses unlocked in the Slayer’s Path.

  • Fixed a bug where some players would not see the DPS meter while on the Training Grounds.

  • Airstrikes are now linked to Admiral Zai in the Slayer’s Path and are found in his crafting menu.

  • Players can no longer sidestep level requirements by changing their loadout while matchmaking.

  • Fixed a bug where the objective tracker HUD wasn’t displaying quests while on a hunt.

  • Fixed an issue where players would not see an updated maximum stamina amount in the HUD until they spent stamina.

  • The end of hunt screen now shows the number of seconds remaining before players are taken back to Ramsgate.

  • Behemoth names no longer overlap in the Hunt Map.

  • Buff icons are now smaller, as intended.

  • Twin Suns (exotic repeaters) are now upgraded from the dedicated exotic screen instead of the barrel screen.

  • Players can no longer change their selection during a core opening animation.

  • Players will now see Slayer’s Path milestones’ roman numerals centred before and after every journey node unlock animation.

  • Fixed various typos and errors across all text.



  • Music transitions between battle states are now smoother and less jarring.

Known issues

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