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Reward cache

Reward cache

Thanks to your feedback, we’re rebalancing the Reward Cache to better align with the way you play Dauntless. We want to properly reward you for spending time in the Shattered Isles, and we feel these changes are a step in the right direction. We will be keeping a close eye on this system and continue to iterate as your feedback comes in.

  • Removed the ancient crystals currency.

  • Players now receive 4 weekly challenges and 1 daily challenge (previously it was 1 weekly challenge and 4 daily challenges).

  • Armour skin costs have been reduced from 2,200 coins to 2,000 coins.

  • Weapon skin costs have been reduced from 1,400 coins to 1,200 coins.

  • Emote costs have been reduced from 1,400 coins to 1,000 coins.

  • Patrol keys now cost 400 coins.

Quality of life



  • The war pike’s HUD has reduced glow on ammo levels 1, 2, and 3.

  • Renamed the lifespring pylon to healing pylon.

  • Added new description text for level requirements when matchmaking from Ramsgate.

  • The Slayers Club button in the Reward Cache now says “Extend Membership” if you already have an active Slayers Club subscription.

Bug fixes



  • Players can now use any loadout in a Private Hunt regardless of the level requirements.

  • Players will no longer receive outdated rewards in cores, like elemental orbs.

  • Linked Slayer rewards now grant rams instead of Vault coins, which no longer have a use.

  • Wounded Behemoth parts now remain in the wounded state for 15 seconds, as intended.



  • Fixed a bug where the Godhand and Prismatic Grace had incorrect crafting recipes.

  • All Shrike armour now has the correct resistance of +10 before power surging.

  • Fixed an issue where the Nine Lives perk wasn’t activating.

  • A weapon’s unique effects and perks are correctly displayed when power surged.

Chain Blades

Chain Blades

  • Fixed an issue where initiating the Reaper’s Dance ability while dodging knocked the player back instead of correctly launching them into the air.



  • Twin Suns will now have the correct power rating and clip size when power surged.



  • All Escalation challenges now properly track when their goals are completed.

  • Normal Behemoth kills will no longer count toward Primal Behemoth kill objectives.



  • Fixed a bug that caused the weapon XP toast to display “+0 XP” instead of the actual XP number. This was a visual bug only; XP gains were not affected.

  • The season countdown timer in the Reward Cache now shows the correct end date.

  • Fixed an issue where some players would not see the reward animation or loot summary when opening a completed Slayer Link.

  • Fixed a bug where the DPS meter was not present while in the Training Grounds.

  • Urska legendary weapons now have the correct ability descriptions and activation icons.

  • Fixed a bug where power and resistance text were magenta in some of the crafting screens.

  • Fixed a bug where the Escalation boost icon was not appearing while in the airship.

  • Escalation boost icon no longer overlaps other UI elements.

  • When an Epic Games friend is removed, any pending Linked Slayer invites with them are now cancelled and removed from the social panel.

  • Highlighting the Reward Cache in the main menu now shows the correct information in the top right-hand corner of the screen.

  • Fixed Slayer’s Path nodes that were locking after they had been previously unlocked.

  • Fixed a bug where the solo Trials leaderboard briefly displayed “Really Long Slayer Name” placeholder text when first opened.

  • “Quests & Bounties” has been changed to “Quests, Bounties & Challenges” in the main menu.

  • Primal talent tree nodes in the Slayer’s Path no longer say they need “rams and merits” when the player doesn’t have enough Fragments of Times Past.

  • The Primal Strike node now correctly refers to stacks of “Perfection” instead of stacks of “Perfect Strike.”

  • Fixed various typos across the game.



  • Fixed a crash that occurred when changing keybindings on PC.

Known issues

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