Call of the Void Call of the Void
Call of the Void

New to Dauntless



  • Client-authoritative dodging is now live. This will improve playability for players with high latency, and more clearly communicate when you’re invulnerable during a dodge.

  • Dauntless is now available in Russian on all platforms except PlayStation 4, which will be coming in a future update.

  • The Trials aether strikers skins (Victorious and Champion) are available in Lady Luck’s store.

  • The main menu has been reworked to match the scale of the game we have now, and to allow for some of the new features we’ll be releasing in the future. It’s also much easier to navigate on consoles.


Aether Strikers

Aether Strikers

Aether strikers are still overperforming. We’re toning down the damage, and will be monitoring how this goes to determine if further tuning is necessary.

  • Focused Assault (LLL)
    1. 75 (down from 80)
    2. 90 (down from 100)
    3. 110 (down from 120)

  • Spirit Barrage (LHH)
    1. 75 (down from 80)
    2. 40 x4 (down from 50 x4)
    3. 160 (down from 180)

  • Mighty Squall (HHH)
    1. 185 (down from 205)
    2. 235 (down from 260)
    3. 305 (down from 340)

  • Karma Breaker
    - Upfront Damage: 400 (down from 450)
    - DoT: 1050 over 35s (down from 2100 over 35s)

  • Titan’s Crash now hits two fewer secondary targets.

  • Echo Bracedriver mod bonus increased to 10% from 5% (compensation for Karma Breaker DoT nerf).

  • “Surge” ability is now less likely to leave you stuck inside a Behemoth.

War Pike

War Pike

  • Piercing Flurry
    - 5th attack hits: 80 (up from 75)

  • Aether Harvester
    - 3rd attack big hits: 220 (up from 200)
    - 3rd attack small hits: 100 (up from 90)

Chain Blades

Chain Blades

  • Bladed Edge: 5th attack hits: 80 (up from 70)

  • Swinging Blades and Blade Spin: Finisher: 250 (up from 225)



  • Hammer jump, double jump, and evasive blast VFX now play correctly.

  • Fixed an issue where the hammer’s evasive blast and jumping blasts were harder to hit with in some circumstances.



  • Fixed a bug with Twin Suns repeaters where detonating the bombs wouldn’t apply the full duration empowerment buff.

  • Fixed a bug where the Marksman Chamber would not be shown in the repeaters crafting screen even when the player was able to craft or upgrade it.

  • Fixed a bug where the combo list for repeaters sometimes showed the wrong buttons.

  • Fixed a bug where hovering over repeater prisms in loadout didn’t display the unique passive associated with the prism until it was equipped.



  • Axe throws can now break apart splitting projectiles (e.g. lava balls).



  • Fixed an issue where the “Special Meter Full” audio would play upon reaching full meter while in a special.



  • Level 1 to 10 weapon upgrades no longer require Slayer levels or mastery.

  • Fixed an issue where the Torgadoro legendary ability was granting +50% damage when the target was below 25% health, instead of +25% damage when the target was below 50% health.

  • Fixed a bug that caused Skraev weapon unique effects VFX to play indefinitely.




  • Unburrow attack is now avoidable without dodging.

  • Unburrow attack no longer leaves a lava pool when aethercharged.

  • Scorchstone Hellions’ unburrow attack now does slightly less damage.

  • Polished entry/exit of unburrow attack to make it clearer and cleaner.

  • Sidegore attack’s damage window now better fits the animation.

  • 270 degree tail attack now only deals damage with the tail (no more head/leg damage).

  • Fixed a bug that could cause the unburrow attack to do double damage.



  • Lightning curse now stops tracking players shortly before firing lightning, allowing you to run out of the effect area.

  • Tempestborne Stormclaw’s lightning curse now affects all players. Regular Stormclaw’s curse still affects only one player.

  • Tempestborne Stormclaw’s teleport pounce now has a clearer and more consistent telegraph that indicates direction

  • Fixed a bug where Stormclaws would walk instead of running when trying to pounce.

  • Reduced the speed of Tempestborne Stormclaw’s ball lightning to make it more consistent with the base version, and slightly increased its homing.

  • When interrupted from a pounce, Tempestborne Stormclaw will now be staggered for a longer period of time.

  • You can now reflect Stormclaw lightning bolt attacks with the axe special and repeater secondary fire.



  • Ragetail Gnasher’s aftershock slams are now slightly more forgiving to dodge.

  • Ragetail Gnasher’s tail swipe attack now only deals damage with the tail (no more head/leg damage).



  • Pangar’s tail swipe attack now only deals damage with the tail (no more head/leg damage).



  • Added an interrupt window to Nayzaga’s slide attack, creating an opportunity to boop the snoot.



  • When interrupted from a pounce, Bloodfire Embermane will now be staggered for a longer period of time.



  • Improved the collision on Valomyr orbs.



  • Fixed a bug that allowed terra procs on Kharabak.



  • Fixed a bug that allowed shock procs on Drask.

Quality of life



We want to make it easy for Slayers to form connections and party up together. As a first step, we spent some time brushing up areas in our existing social interactions that tend to confuse players the most. We also made some adjustments to voice chat to make it easier and better to use with your party.

  • New Social Panel UI and art.
    - The UI now more clearly shows which friends are available to party up and play.
    - It’s easier to see what your friends are currently doing in game.
    - It’s easier to see whether you have your mic muted or unmuted, and whether your voice chat is enabled. You can also able to enable/disable voice chat from the Social Panel.
    - We’ve added notification breadcrumbing and brighter color treatments to make it clearer when you have a new party, friend, or guild request.

  • You can now open up an interaction menu with other Slayers in Ramsgate and in your airship lobby. In Ramsgate, if you are nearby another Slayer, you’ll see an interaction button appear. Through that, a social options menu will pop up, which lets you easily invite them to your party, add them as a friend, or send them a message. In the airship lobby, you can select another Slayer and pull up that same social options menu.

  • Voice chat is now only between party members.

  • You can now use chat commands to perform social functions.
    Party: /invite /accept /decline /leave /kick /promote
    Friend: /invite /accept /decline /unfriend
    General: /whisper /block /unblock



  • VFX indicators will show when you have successfully dodged through an attack.

  • Unlocking an Escalation boost in the Hunt Pass will no longer activate the boost immediately, and instead make a free store item available to claim when you want it.

  • Increased health that players receive when being revived in hunts and escalation, in order to lower the likelihood of getting one-shot immediately after being revived.



  • Added new tutorial slates for the Training Grounds, stamina, weapon sheathing, bounties, the danger meter, and crafting.

  • Added a new setting in the Options screen to control whether the Objective Tracker HUD is visible or hidden.

  • Changing your hairstyle, facepaint, or makeup will now display the name of the item you’re equipping.

  • When showing facepaints and hair tints in the Hunt Pass screen, your helm will hide automatically.

  • Made improvements to tutorial, mastery, and crafting screens.

  • Improved UI for remapping controller buttons on PC.

  • A lock is now shown over armour dye regions that aren’t available.



  • If interacting with an NPC depends on completing a quest, their dialogue will now hint at how to unlock them.

  • The quests “Luck Be A Lady” and “Weapon of Choice” have been removed.

  • “Before the Dawn” now rewards 10 Dull Arcstones (up from 5).

  • “Before the Dawn” is now before “Dire Warnings”.

  • “Bring on the Night” is now after “Dire Warnings”.

  • “Dire Warnings” now no longer requires “Slay Rockfall Skarn”, “Slay Ragetail Gnasher”, “Complete ‘Before The Dawn’”, “Complete ‘Bring on the Night’”, and “Complete ‘The Arcstone Defence’”.

  • Lantern abilities are locked until the “Light the Way” quest is accepted.



  • Improved load times.

  • Framerate in Ramsgate is now more consistent.

  • Player-owned items will load more quickly, preventing cases where your loadout inventory would appear incorrect when loading into Ramsgate or the Airship.

  • Reduced CPU usage when around other players.

  • Substantially improved city performance on all platforms.

  • Minor performance improvements on Nintendo Switch.

  • Fixed a bug that could cause the game to crash if the output audio device was removed or changed.

  • Fixed several rare crashes, including a crash that could occur if there were no inbox messages.



  • Interacting with the Hunt Board while matchmaking now opens the matchmaking UI.

  • Various improvements to objects and art on islands.

  • Improved the audio for waterfalls.

  • NPCs now have a variety of context-sensitive greetings as you progress through the game.

  • New VFX and SFX for breaking out of being frozen.

Bug fixes



  • Cancelling a long knockdown (e.g. via attacking, dodging, using Koshai lantern, etc.) will correctly remove the invulnerability from being knocked down.

  • Tragic Echo and Prismatic Grace legendary helm unique effects now trigger more reliably.

  • Fixed a bug where players would be immune to the second lightning curse strike if you dodged the first.

  • Fixed a bug where low priority staggers (e.g. part breaks) would interrupt high priority staggers (e.g. interrupts, stagger damage).

  • Fixed a bug where players could leave the final arena in Blaze Escalation.

  • Made improvements to art in Shock Escalation.

  • Fixed a bug where Nine Lives and From The Ashes could proc at the same time, consuming both. Now, only one will trigger the first time you get downed, and the other will trigger the next time.

  • Fixed a bug that caused shock danger zones not to apply damage.

  • Fixed a bug where Behemoths could spawn on top of each other.

  • Fixed a bug that made it possible to trigger Nine Lives when dodging through an attack.

  • Fixed a bug that caused players to occasionally fly off into the sky after viewing the arrival cinematic.



  • Made improvements to the Skyfighter chest armour skin to make it work better with other arm armours.

  • Fixed a bug where a Slayer’s arms might shrink while wearing the Dustrider’s Coat.

  • Fixed a bug where beards clipped through the Skyfighter Mask.

  • Berserker Vision helm transmog right eye VFX now attaches correctly.

  • Fixed a bug that caused the Arc of Exocrul banner fabric to be off-center on one side.

  • Fixed a bug that could cause some skin to be invisible when using the Seismic Soldier chest armour skin on a feminine body type.

  • Fixed a bug where certain armour pieces would disappear when using Iceborne or similar VFX.



  • Fixed a bug where logging into a different account or resetting your character would not reset your locally tracked objectives in the HUD.

  • Fixed a bug where names above the players would not be visible in some circumstances.

  • Fixed a bug where the first quest directing the player to speak with Kat Sorrel would not show an objective in the Objective Tracker HUD.

  • Fixed a bug where the Objective Tracker HUD’s next and previous keys could not be reassigned (PC only).

  • Fixed a bug where Slayers would have a nameplate displayed above their head when it should be hidden.

  • Fixed an issue where the daily Hunt Pass collectibles HUD notification in Ramsgate would show an incorrect total number of collectibles.

  • Fixed an issue where tracked side quests would sometimes not show up in the Objective Tracker HUD after restarting Dauntless on consoles.

  • Fixed a bug where the main menu could not be accessed in the airship lobby on consoles.

  • Fixed a bug that could prevent the main menu from opening.

  • Fixed a bug where Mastery progress and objectives didn’t display correctly after character reset.

  • Fixed a bug where cores in the core breaker would be invisible.

  • Using the Bloodless cell no longer shows the wounded status effect in the UI.

  • Fixed a bug that could cause the UI to get stuck if an image failed to download.

  • Fixed a bug that could prevent purchases from completing.

  • Nameplates will no longer obscure the End of Hunt screen UI.

  • Fixed a bug that caused the newsletter subscription inbox message to remain in your inbox after you’d subscribed.

  • Fixed a bug where not equipping mods could cause an incorrect power number to be displayed.

  • Inbox message title text can no longer overflow.

  • Fixed a bug where notifications for claiming completed bounties would disappear when returning to Ramsgate.



  • Fixed a bug where characters could become stuck in their falling animation.

  • Fixed an audio bug where the Bosun didn’t welcome new Slayers to Ramsgate.

  • Fixed a bug that could cause certain sounds not to play on islands.

  • Fixed a bug on Nintendo Switch where purchases sometimes didn’t appear until after reloading the game.

  • Minor art fixes on the Blaze Escalation island chain.

  • Fixed a bug where inbox messages that shouldn’t be deletable could be.

  • Fixed a bug where party members got left behind in Ramsgate if they were loading in when the leader departed.

  • Fixed a number of spots where players got stuck.

  • Fixed a bug where changing your motion blur amount would not apply until restarting Dauntless or re-entering Ramsgate.

  • Fixed a bug that caused grass to suddenly pop into existence.

Known issues

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