Release: 1.1.3 Release: 1.1.3
Release: 1.1.3

1.1.3 marks the arrival of a new Hunt Pass, introduces the ability for Slayers to purchase tonics and grenades with Rams, introduces Quick Emojis, and more.


  • Aetherpunk takes the stage. The Aetherpunk Hunt Pass arrives in Ramsgate, bringing 50 new levels of rebellious rewards.

  • Purchase supplies with Rams. Players can now use their Rams (currency, not animal) to purchase tonics from Bosun Markus Boehr and grenades from Admiral Janek Zai. Look for a quest from the Bosun to get started.

  • Share credit toward objectives. No more competing for last hits. From now on, all Slayers in a party will get credit toward their Bounty and Mastery objectives when anyone in the party interrupts an attack, breaks a part, staggers a Behemoth, or exposes a wound.

  • View Hunt Pass progress on the Bounty screen. Now you can see how close you are to that next Hunt Pass level without leaving the Bounty screen.

  • Express yourself with Quick Emojis. Emojis are now available in Dauntless! Pull up your communication wheel (‘C’ on PC, left trigger on console) to send one to chat.

  • Play in Portuguese on Nintendo Switch. Slayers on Nintendo Switch can now set their language to Portuguese.


  • War pike previously had thresholds for the quality of ammo it would generate based on Special meter. These thresholds have been removed – more meter means better quality ammo, from 1% to 100%.

  • Riftstalker can now show up in dual Behemoth Escalation encounters. Don’t worry, it can’t pull you into the murder palace if the other Behemoth is still alive.

  • Shrowd’s tail hit box has been expanded, repositioned, and had its physics tuned. This brings it closer to the ground, to make it easier to target and break.

Wounded Status

Some status effects have obvious ramifications. “On Fire,” for example, needs no explanation. Wounded? Not so much. We didn’t do a great job of explaining that Wounded caused damage if you exhausted your stamina, and even if you did understand, it wasn’t really something you needed to work around.

We’ve removed the old effect, and reworked Wounded to give it a stronger identity, with more obvious consequences.

While you are Wounded:

  • Incoming damage is increased to 150%
  • Stamina consumption is increased to 200%

The counterplay to On Fire and Frozen is to spam dodge roll, but Wounded now forces you to both avoid taking damage and be much more judicious about how you dodge.

Wounded is still cleared the same way as before – by healing (including healing from lifesteal) or standing still for five seconds.

Kharabak Swarm

Previously, when Kharabak’s Swarm was on a player, the bugs would randomly interrupt attack animations. It wasn’t clear whether those attacks went through or were blocked, which gave a real feeling of randomness to the effect. This has been removed, and replaced with something that feels more immediate and consistent.

Swarm now prevents you from sprinting, and still applies the same small amount of damage over time.


  • Reduced the number of claw breaks required to craft Malkarion equipment.
  • Added a new notification to the HUD when players are granted a core.
  • Banner plant animations are more centered when previewing them in the Hunt Pass UI.
  • When completing a main quest, the next quest will be shown in the objective tracker if you are ready to start it.
  • Players will now see a UI notification when a Hunt Pass XP multiplier is active.
  • Added the ability for players to claim items directly from the in-game mailbox.
  • Added the ability for PC players to hold ‘E’ to craft items in the crafting menu, bringing this menu into alignment with other game menus.
  • Updated the credits to fix a few Founders’ names that had broken characters.
  • Character creator slider behavior has been adjusted for uniformity. Left is always less/down/left morph, and right is always more/up/right morph.
  • Character creator menus have been adjusted for uniformity.
  • The Confirm button for resetting your character has been changed to prevent accidentally button-mashing your way into a reset.
  • Made improvements to Behemoth death audio across the board.
  • Improved all audio effects for Kharabak and Nayzaga.
  • Improved clarity of the audio effects when a Behemoth is entering its Enraged state.
  • Rezakiri’s tail will now blend properly to physics during some animations.


  • Improved performance and decreased memory usage in Ramsgate.
  • Improved performance when Valomyr spawns drones.
  • Improved performance on Shrowd.
  • Decreased time spent loading onto islands.
  • Fixed a hitch that could happen in Escalation after completing one round and advancing to the next.


  • Fixed a bug where some quest objectives would not update in the HUD.
  • Fixed a bug where rebinding one of the lantern buttons wouldn’t update the lantern HUD.
  • Fixed a bug where changing the lantern in loadout before entering hunt on airship wouldn’t update lantern HUD icons.
  • Fixed a bug where some objectives in the Objective Tracker HUD would not update.
  • Fixed a bug where some player names would display incorrectly in the HUD.
  • Fixed a bug where some city markers for NPCs may not show the proper quest marker, especially when playing on a poor connection.
  • Fixed a bug where long quest names could run outside the box when interacting with an NPC in Ramsgate.
  • Fixed a bug that could cause equipment to appear over Slayers after opening menus.
  • Fixed a bug where loadouts could be missing an item in a weapon, armour, or lantern slot.
  • Fixed a bug where the Quit button did not work on PC if the game was offline for maintenance.
  • Fixed a bug where the scroll bars on crafting screens on PC were too small to click.
  • Fixed a bug that could prevent equipment from being upgraded after being crafted.
  • Fixed a bug where some transmog icons were not correct.
  • Fixed a bug where some items in style kit bundles weren’t displaying in the store preview.
  • Fixed a bug where level skips that were on sale didn’t display both the original and discounted price.
  • The left panel in the matchmaking screen is now scrollable using the left stick on a controller.
  • Fixed a bug where users were unable to draft bounties if their system clock was set ahead.
  • Fixed a bug where chat was sometimes invisible.
  • Fixed a bug where some Trials weapons and weapon parts could be lost if your character was reset.
  • Fixed a bug where repeaters could disappear from your character after opening the Support-A-Creator page.
  • Fixed a bug that discoloured Slayer faces when Nikola’s Vestments, Flight Jacket, or Skyfighter Jacket were equipped.
  • Fixed a bug where Skarn/Pangar aether strikers had Weighted Strikes instead of Knockout King.
  • Bronze and silver “Total Breakdown” bounty objectives now match their descriptions.


  • Fixed a bug that caused Shrowd clones to drop extra kill loot.
  • Fixed a bug that caused Shrowd’s mouth to permanently hang open.
  • Fixed a bug where the revive animation may not play whilst reviving another player.
  • Fixed a bug where maximum range axe throws that landed near a wall could cause the axe to appear inside or on top of the wall.
  • Fixed a crash that could occur if too many audio effects played at once.


  • Fixed a rare bug where spent talent points could briefly show an incorrect value when doing multiple rank upgrades on a talent.
  • Fixed a spot where you could fall through the map on the first island.
  • Players who fall off the map will now respawn on the correct island.
  • Malkarion can no longer get stuck at the edge of the final island.


Stoneheart (Skarn) Repeater Prism has no power (will be fixed in 1.1.4)

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