Release: OB 0.5.14 Release: OB 0.5.14
Release: OB 0.5.14

OB 0.5.14 kicks off combat changes with a boost for chain blades, debuts a new login screen (oooh!), and brings Autumn Fox style to the in-game store.


  • Replaced the old login screen with a handsome new one. This change is part of an ongoing effort to update and improve the Dauntless UI. Please let us know if you run into any issues!

  • The chain blades will now cause an ~~~A e T h E r i C e X p l 0 s i o N~~~ with every backflip special – not just those performed at full meter.

  • Added a new Heroic hunt modifier for Rockfall Skarn.

  • Added a new seasonal Autumn Fox Style Kit to the in-game store. Get those whiskers!

Autumn Fox Style Kit


  • Fixed a bug that could prevent Hellion from properly tracking Slayers after erupting from the ground.

  • Made it easier to hit and target both Charrogg’s and Firebrand Charrogg’s vents and legs.

  • Made improvements to make it more reliable to hit and target behemoth breaks.

  • Fixed a bug that prevented Riftstalker from dropping exotic parts.

  • Slaying Riftstalker will now count toward the “Night’s Cloak” weekly challenge and the “Dancing Shadows” daily challenge.

  • Fixed a bug where weekly challenges for elemental weapons didn’t actually require the suggested element.

  • Slaying Heroic Rockfall Skarn will now grant the appropriate rewards.

  • Slaying Rockfall Skarn will now count toward the “Rock Legend” daily challenge. Living legend, veteran known to set trend.

  • The chain blades backflip special will now succeed more frequently in cases where a player is under a tall Behemoth (e.g. Pangar, Hellion). ~DO A KICKFLIP!~

  • Hair should no longer clip through Charrogg or Shrike helmets when viewing a character in the Style screen.

  • Fixed a bug in the new main menu that could cause the animation to linger when hovering above different submenus.

  • Fixed a bug that caused new UI elements to overlap with the private hunt button.

  • Fixed a bug that caused new UI elements to push the guild tag outside of the HUD box.

  • Kharabak break part descriptions now accurately communicate both the rarity and source of each part.

  • Wearing the Dustrider’s Bolero will no longer make you look bald. Incidence of hair loss nightmares reduced by 23.4%.

  • Fixed a bug that could cause Skarn and Rockfall Skarns upper thigh rock plates to misbehave.

  • Fixed a bug that caused the Quillmask to glow.

  • The Shrikesaber’s special meter will now drain at the correct speed, matching the drain rate of all other swords.

  • Fixed a bug that prevented players from selecting a cell effect when inspecting their gear.

  • Fixed a bug that caused Quillshot’s quills to remain red if it was staggered out of its rage state exit.

  • Fixed a bug that caused max level armour to insist that it could still be improved.

  • Fixed a bug that caused a spooky hole to appear in Moyra’s face. I don’t want to be a Farslayer anymore.

  • Improved performance on the island portion of the tutorial/cinematic.

  • Slaying Nayzaga will now correctly destroy all remaining Nayzaga turrets.

  • Introduced further performance improvements in Ramsgate. Potatomancy leveled up!

  • Fixed a bug where shield text was cut off above the health bar.


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