Release: CB 0.2.1 Release: CB 0.2.1
Release: CB 0.2.1

This patch focuses on improving the stability of the Dauntless service, specifically chat and patching.
Next week’s patch will have more content, including fixes for Behemoth collision and improvements to the end of hunt screen.

Weapons and Armour


New models for the Skraev Chain Blades.

Additional models for other Chain Blades, weapons, and armour will continue to roll out.


You Can Hear Me Now

Resolved problems with the chat system.

This includes fixing delays in messages being sent, and issues that with chat that could cause login problems.

Focused Conversation

City and island chat are now separated.

This means that Slayers on a hunt will not see city chat, and Slayers in the city will not see chat from hunts. This will also fix an issue wherein messages from other regions were being seen.

This Is a Test of the Emergency Ramsgate System

Global messages sent by game administrators will now be displayed above the chat window and remain on screen for three minutes.

This will allow players to be better informed as they play.


Do the Truffle Shuffle

Improved the Dauntless patcher so that it will deliver game files in smaller chunks.

This will alleviate issues with downloads stalling out on slow or lossy connections. In the future, we will continue to improve these systems to reduce the amount of content that needs to be downloaded with each patch.

Images and content in the Dauntless patcher can now link out to websites and other content.

This will allow us to better better serve you information.

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