Release: FA 0.1.1 Release: FA 0.1.1
Release: FA 0.1.1

Thank you to everyone who has helped us test the Founder’s Alpha.


Mind on My Money

Fixes an issue causing inaccurate Platinum balances to display

Make Like A Tree

Resolves an issue causing a resource indicator (leaf symbol) to always be displayed. We have hired someone to point a leaf blower at the server.

Better Faster Smoother

Adjusting default graphics options to disable VGI. This will help stability and performance on many machines. We do not recommend enabling this setting if it is off by default

Commitment Issues

The character creator will now be more clear that you are committing to a character appearance. In the future, we will allow for character appearance changes.

Breaking my Heart

Fixed an issue where some Behemoth part breaks and severs were not dropping properly from hunts.

Founder’s Alpha - Known Issues

Performance / Graphics

Sometimes framerate can be lower in the city, especially when graphic settings are turned up and the city is heavily populated.

Solution: We are working to fix this and in the meantime try lowering your graphic settings.

Code Redemption

Content will not appear in-game if the player is logged in when redeeming a code. Solution: After redeeming a code at, log out and log back into the game. Go to the Core Breaker to find your new core.

Partner Streamer Cores do not appear at the Core Breaker initially.

Solution: Leave the Core Breaker and return to see the content refresh.


The game camera may encounter issues if the Intro Video is paused when starting for the first time.

Solution: Don’t pause the intro video, enjoy it in all its glory. :smiley:


Sharing your account with another player can lead to crashes and instability, as well as corrupted data in inventory.

Solution: Do not share account credentials with others, your Dauntless account should only be used by you.

Online Connectivity

Servers may occasionally stall, resulting in a hanging loading screen.

Solution: Please wait 5 minutes to allow the server to attempt to recover. If after 5 minutes the server has not recovered, please log out and log back into the game.

Occasionally the hunt board will not connect to a hunt

Solution: Please log out and log back in and try again.


Behemoths may occasionally walk in irregular patterns.

Solution: Kill that silly Behemoth, it had it coming.


Player is unable to craft weapon or armour upgrades to complete the “Better Weapons” and “Improved Armour” quests

Solution: Contact Slayer Support at [email protected]

Chat Messages

Sometimes chat messaged are not received.

Solution: We’re working on a solution, in the meantime please try re-sending your messages.

UI / Menus

Some menus and icons are work in progress

Solution: Stay tuned. Exciting updates are on the way!

Controller support is work in progress in menus

Solution: Use mouse and keyboard for menus when controller is not fully supported

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